Time Line

Looking for a map that shows the path of our journey and how God drew us to adopt?

(Our primary adoption entries can be found here between April of 2008 – December 2008.)

Summer 2005 — Lisa and Haley spend 17 days on a short term missions trip to Lusaka, Zambia.God ‘wrecks’ our heart for simply living the American dream and births a longing to meaningfully impact impoverished and orphaned children in Africa for the sake of Jesus and His gospel.

January 2007 — after many months of a growing burden for Africa and her children, Tague and Lisa agree to connect with as many people as we can to educate and broaden our hearts for God’s purposes in Africa.

April 2007 – Open House with Beverly Snelling of Action Zambia.

May 2007 – Open House with Glenn & Liese Ripley of Action Zambia (our hosts in Zambia 2 years earlier).

Later – family campfire where we talked about the ‘what ifs’ of adoption. What would that look like for our family? What did everyone think about the idea? How would our lives change? Dad’s questions to the family were met with resounding enthusiasm and support. We agreed as a family to pray about the possibilities, asking God for direction and provision.

June 2007 – Lisa had a great Q&A with Maridel Sandberg about adoption…. about longings…. about ‘how tos’ , ‘ifs’, and ‘what nows?”

June 2007 – Tague talked with Bob Bloemker, international adoption advocate and expert.

July 2007 – Breakfast with Joe an Deb Fry, friends who have served YEARS in Africa, currently serving with Mission Moving Mountains with the Navigators.

Later in July 2007 – Tague and Joseph went fishing with friends (and adoptive fathers) Chuck Steddom and Bruce Sandberg.

September 2007 – Enjoyed the Afrizo Choir from DayStar in Kenya at Bethlehem one morning. Amazing!

Later– Tague discovers the blog, “Raw Christianity” and begins pouring over the adoption journey of another couple. He begins a dialogue with them via email. We realize that they adopted their son, Judah, from ABC in Jinja, Uganda. Amazingly, the same place a friend of ours (Abbie Smith) had volunteered in earlier this year!

Later – Mission: Moving Mountains banquet displaying their purpose of “Discipling for Development” in Africa.

October 2007 – Attended a concert of Wototo Children’s Choir the from Uganda.

Later – we served at Passion Conference’s Chicago stop of the Regional Tour. While we were there we enjoyed meeting Pastor Peter Kisirivu who had come from Kampala, Uganda (a scheduled stop on the upcoming World Tour.)

Later – Passion invited us to participate on the team in Passion Kampala, May 2008.

November 2007 – Dessert with John and Lorinda Donaldson (international adoption vetrans). They spoke with joy regarding the process and with a confidence in the great sovereignty and provision of God to accomplish His purposes. If this is what God has for us, then He WILL accomplish it!


Later – We call New Horizon’s Adoption Agency and request paperwork to get things rolling.

Later– Tague goes to Kampala for initial Passion Kampala work. While he’s there he’s able to visit ABC, getting his first look at the precious children there and meeting the staff.

December 2007 – doctor visits! Fingerprinting! Paperwork! Notary signatures!

Janaury 2008 – our first home study packet is fedex-ed away!

April 2008 – the home study is officially approved!

June 2008 – the seven of us travel to Jinja, Uganda where we are matched with Phillip and Zachary and get to meet them, love on them, and help take care of them for a few short days!!

June 2008– Interview with social worker to get foster process started.

September 2008 – our court date is assigned!!  Oct. 16th, 10am in Kampala, Uganda.

October 11, 2008 – Tague leaves for Kampala with all the paperwork – ready to see the judge!

October 16, 2008 – Court date in Kampala!   Awaiting the oral ruling.

October 27, 2008 – Oral Ruling confirmed!

Nov. 3, 2008 – Written ruling confirmed.  (now we can begin the last in-country items)   WE ARE FOSTER PARENTS!!!

Nov. 4, 2008 – Lisa travels to Entebbe to begin the final leg.

Nov. 7, 2008 – Appointment with the Minister of Gender to gain permission to apply for passports.

Nov. 10, 2008 – Immigration paperwork complete!

Nov. 10th / 14th – Doctor Appointments for exit visas

Nov. 14th, 2008 – Passports completed!

Nov. 18th, 2008 – Visa Interview at the US Embassy.

Nov. 25th – Visa’s granted

Nov. 25th – Depart Uganda!

Nov. 26th – Arrive in US! (now have to wait 3 months for a ‘residency requirement’ before we can legally adopt them here in the states.)

Dec. 12 – 1st Post placement visit with the social worker

February 23rd – final post placement visit with the social worker.

June 15th – mailed ‘post placement packet’ to the adoption agency.

October – meeting with our lawyer!  Just waiting for a court date!

January 19, 2010 – Court date ~  our family is legally united.


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  1. Wow, this is cool. Sometimes I read how God really put people in your lives to prepare you. I don’t always feel that way with our adoption stuff. I guess God still uses us, but I feel less prepared about it for some reason. Nonetheless, we still feel led to adopt…we just didn’t have all the interactions you do. Mainly, we just had a change of heart. But cool! I enjoy reading this.

  2. I stumbled on your blog and read your timeline – we were in UG at the same time – I was about a week or so ahead of you! Blessings!

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