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Months ago, in the middle of Kampala we faced a medical emergency with Kelsey.     You can read the story here.      Tonight, in the middle of Lakeville, we faced the re-run.

We don’t know what Kels is allergic to, but whatever it is – it’s not kidding around.     What starts as mild uneasiness and nausea becomes hives, swelling, and labored breathing within just a few minutes.

I remembered the last attack clearly and knew we needed to work quickly tonight.     All the way to the hospital I prayed for Kelsey’s air passages….. for the Spirit to comfort and calm her as she focused on breathing……for the staff on duty…for green lights on the way, even!

When we walked into reception at the ER, a pediatric nurse ‘happened’ to be standing right there.    When Nurse Jeremy saw Kelsey’s swollen eyes, her chest covered in pink  hives and heard her rasping breaths, he said – “Follow me, we’re getting started now!”  Jeremy was fantastic and he got Kelsey the help she needed within minutes.

Long story short – we’re home now and Kelsey’s breathing is normal.

I should be sleeping, but I right now I’m pretty amazed at a few things.

1) I’m blown away at how fast and efficiently Kelsey was seen and treated.  They took this very seriously.

Ever gone to the ER?   ‘Nuf said.   But tonight the path was wide open for her and the staff was even waiting at the reception desk for her.    The cocktail of drugs improved her symptoms within two minutes.    Kels is now the owner of an epi-pen and we’ll follow up with an allergist soon to get a better grip on this situation.    Jeremy also walked us through what to do if there’s a ‘next time’ and it includes 911 and paramedics.     Yikes!

2) The episode in May is now put into perspective through the lens of American medical professionals.

The attack in May was worse than this one.  Her breathing was frighteningly difficult  but it took longer to get help and, while the care seemed fine at the time,  it was significantly LESS care than she got tonight.     Amazingly, Kelsey DID improve and we went along on our trip,  hardly giving it a second thought.

Looking back, I believe what sustained Kels in Africa was the prayers of friends.   In the lobby of our hotel, our friend Thompson stood over our gulping daughter, quietly praying for her.     By the time we arrived at the clinic, she was more able to breathe.     We knew it was God’s favor that had intervened for Kelsey, but I didn’t realize the scope of that situation until tonight when i saw the effects of drugs on her body.    I saw the concern in the face of a skilled nurse.   I heard the instructions of how and when to administer an epi-pen.   These symptoms weren’t going to simply melt away on their own.

The drugs were great.   God’s provision for Kesley tonight was obvious.  But what I didn’t know back in May was that Thompson’s prayer was just as powerful and just as life-saving as that cocktail was tonight.

It’s been a re-run of a nasty allergic reaction and a re-run of God’s divine mercy towards our girl.   Second-time favor is just as sweet at the first time around and I’m and little wiser now and doubly grateful.


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