What’s it Cost?

(Note:  added Jan 9, 2009 – Don’t let money stand in the way of your adoption plans.   We didn’t have any of these funds when we started, but God was faithful to bring in exactly the amount we needed again and again in the right time frame.   He provided unexpectedly and He also motivated His people to financially join the cause with us.   It was His calling to have these boys in our family.   And it was His bill to bring them here.   He has done it!   He is faithful!!

See this post for more specifics on this truth!


As we’ve talked with people over the months, again and again they ask something like, “So…. about how much does an international adoption cost?”

The list here is a pretty clear look at what we’ve spent so far and what’s yet to go.     If you’re interested in adopting from Uganda, this may help you get a clearer view on the cost.   Remember:   these costs reflect some difference that are unique to our situation:

1) we adopted 2 children, which doubled both our guardianship and childcare fees with the orphanage.

2)  we utilized some of Tague’s employee benefits in airfare, reducing some of our flight expenses.

Adoption Costs:

Postage + PreApplication Fee to New Horizons Adoption Agency         $22.

Local Finger prints                                                                             $100.

Passports and pictures for 2 (current) children                                  $106.

Homestudy papers copies and postage                                                 $33.

Application Fee to NHAA   (adoption agency)                                      $150.

NHAA payments                                                                                $2220.

DHS – i600a and USCIS finger prints                                                    $910.

i600   (because we have two children)                                               $670.

Visas for (original 7) family members for trip                                     $370.

Shots for (original 7) family  members for trip                                   $385.

1 st Guardianship Fees to the orphanage                                         $3630.

Court date trip   (lodging, flights, food)                                              $877.

Visas for boys                                                                                       $80.

Ugandan Passports for boys                                                                $800.

Expenses incurred in Kampala for orphanage staff                            $1,000.

Airfare  for 5                                                                                    $8597.

Hotel / food / ground transportation for 2nd trip                             $2220.

NHAA post placement fee                                                                  $500.

Required online courses                                                                      $70.

2nd Guardianship Fees to ABC                                                        $3500.

childcare fees to the orphange                                                       $1500.

Lawyer fees for final adoption in U.S.                                             $1000.

total paid so far                                                                             $28,740


[Fees above this line are currently paid in full due to God’s mercy and your partnership.  Thank You!! ]


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  1. having our boys home… Priceless

    This could go to Mastercard!!

  2. Hello! I have read through your beautiful story and would love a chance to touch base with you. I am seriously considering adopting, but I have some concerns and lots of questions. Maybe sometime after the holidays you could carve out a little bit of time to impart your wisdom? 🙂

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy those gorgeous boys of yours!

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