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Hardings - before

Psalm 82:3

Vindicate the weak and fatherless;
Do justice to the afflicted and destitute. ~ Asaph

Welcome to our adoption chronicle! We are putting our experience in this very public format for two purposes:

1. to archive the actual days and process in somewhat of a techno-babybook.
2. to display the mercies of God and some of the cool ways He accomplishes His purposes.

God began pricking our hearts in regards to adoption, issues of social injustice, and the plight of the orphan years ago. Now it is culminating in the purposeful parenting of additional children through adoption, specifically from Uganda Africa. We are eager, to say the least! Lots of people are eager for us. Others have politely and curiously asked us why on earth we would do this. Especially, why now?? Why would we do something that will undoubtedly be costly both in financial and physical terms. Why would we choose to fill up our years with continued child rearing? Why would we ‘mess up a good thing’?

It’s a fair question.

We’re WAY out of the baby stage. We already have 5 children, some of them are official adults! So this will be a huge change…. some might even think, a burden. But – what we are finding is that I John 5: 3 is ringing very true these days! “This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome.”

For us, this is a command. And a joyful one at that! It isn’t a burden — it’s a delight to follow Him into this great, ‘ridiculous’ unknown. We are confident that risk-taking for the sake of the gospel is, in fact, the paradoxical path to finding our life – not losing it. (check out Mark 8:35)

Tague has been reading Hebrews lately and it’s amazing how many apparently ridiculous things the “Hall of Fame” people did! Noah built a giant boat in a land-locked area. Abraham packed up his whole life ‘not knowing where he was going’. Moses gave up a life of luxury, with the best chariots, the most beautiful women, and every conceivable convenience and chose to be ‘mistreated with the people of God’. God accomplished amazing things through these seemingly crazy circumstances. Adopting a baby from Africa isn’t nearly as crazy and some of the above, and we have every expectation that God is accomplishing His great purposes in this also!

Anyone with any knowledge of Africa (or adoption!) can see that there will be some unknowns and some risks. This reality certainly keeps us from having a cavalier, come-what-may attitude. Adoption is a weighty thing. But it is also a glorious thing! Adoption is a deliverance from the past, a status and a way of life in the present, and a hope for the future. We are trusting God with every detail that we face. We are sure that He has called us according to His purpose and we are sure that He knows what He’s doing. And because of that, this seems like the most sane and normal thing we could possibly choose.

Hardings - after!

Hardings - after!



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  1. This is so cool-I didn’t know you guys had a website for this! We have been and will continue to pray for all aspects of your adoption. What an amazing testimony and example you both have been in my life. Thank you for letting us stay updated with your progress! I love you both!! God Bless!

  2. We are thrilled for you guys! Honestly, your step of faith and trust in what you believe God has called you to do is inspiring! We can’t wait to see your completed family and we will be praying for you during this process!

  3. Tague and Lisa,
    I have known you were “crazy” about kids and “crazy” for the Lord for a long time. Your first five children are some of the most precious, wonderful, beautiful children I know (outside of mine and my two grands). To step out in faith like this and take on two more takes more than just an idea, it is something that only God can do! And that is the truly amazing part, is to watch how God puts things together! I am waiting and praying with you to welcome my new nieces and/or nephews.

  4. Hello Tague and Lisa~

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you all these last
    few weeks. I am sure it was quite difficult to get on a plane leaving your
    precious sons behind. Please know that we continue to think and pray for
    you as you wait upon details to come together.

    Please remember us if you would be willing. We go to court tomorrow but
    that is just one step of many that still remain. In addition, we are tryin=
    to get another 3 year old boy from the same home who has been placed on a
    list to go to Wototo. I know that Wototo is a good home for many children
    but I don’t believe its the best when there is an option for a family unit.
    Because of policy, we have been denied him thus far. Such an injustice
    when the very law entitles every child to a family. God is the Father to
    the fatherless and we are trusting him to defend these little ones and bring them home. I will trust and believe the Lord for the same for you.

    Blessings to you all~ Pamela for the Ironsidetribe

    II Chron 20

  5. hallo Mom i even have nothing to say but give God the Glory for the work your doing and am so greatfull for the work and i know God will expand you more and more for his God who multiply so am just praying for you mom have nice time.

    one love

  6. Hello Lisa and Tag.

    We received word from Mike and Glo that you had a site. So in finding some free time here, I was thrilled to read about your family and to see your family. It was wonderful to see you this weekend and to meet you. We are thrilled to see Zachary and Philip so well settled and enjoying life with your family.

    Attached is the local newspapers article on fund raising efforts that I made this spring, with the marathon. I plan to run in the Boston Marathon this spring 2010 also, continuing to raise what I can for the Children. I raised just under $1000 for the children and sent it through the Amani program through Florida. I will continue my efforts as you well know there are so many reasons, to reach out to those less fortunate. Thank you for all that you do too!

    Take Care and God Bless. Happy Thanks giving to you and yours.

    Keep in touch we’d love to see you all again and to meet your family in person.

    Julia, Steve, Nick, James and Laura . XXXXXXXXXXXX I attached my work e-mail address, but our home one also is sasha2@brainerd.net.

    Fargo marathon for Julia Palmer

    Submitted photo Mom’s boosters Julia Palmer’s own booster club while training and running in the Fargo Marathon, held on May 9, were her triplet children, James on the left, Nick and Laura on the right.
    A local woman who just ran in her first marathon is looking forward to both running the Boston Marathon next year and helping build a new school building in Uganda.

    Julia Palmer completed the Fargo Marathon running 26.2 miles on Saturday, May 9. Julia said the motto for the marathon this year was Mind Over Miles M.O.M. …”a very suitable motto for all the mothers during the Mothers Day weekend.”

    During her marathon training over the past several months, Julia decided to raise funds for the Amani Baby Cottage in Uganda near the shore of Lake Victoria where her niece, Anne Palmer, had spent her summer during a mission tour last year. The proceeds raised through the fund raiser will help children in need, Julia said.

    “Many members of the community were very generous and donated funds for each mile. On completing the race Palmer took time to congratulate those other members of the community and her employers, First International Bank and Trust, for participating in races ranging from 5K’s to half marathons. Some 1,270 participants completed the full marathon, 481 women and 779 men. Fargo was extremely well attended and organized,” she said.

    Submitted photo Marathon finisher Julia Palmer received her medal for finishing the Fargo Marathon on May 9. She and husband Steve have both qualified to run in the Boston Marathon in the future.
    “What is so incredible is that you know exactly how everyone else who is running feels, the endurance, the extensive training and the sheer excitement of it all.”

    “I have great admiration for anyone who has ever entered into a race as in my mind’s eye they’re all winners one way or another. Your conditions and well being can change on a dime literally. It’s the determination to do something with your life, and to make a difference for those less fortunate that is the greatest achievement of all.

    “My girlfriends and I always say, If you want to experience another life ….run a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon and raise money. You’ll be surprised at what you can do.”

    Palmer is employed as director of public relations and marketing at First International Bank and Trust The bank’s motto is: Life Make The Most Of It!

    Any additional donations for the Amani Baby Cottage in Uganda can be forwarded to Julia Palmer at First International Bank and Trust at P.O. Box 40, Staples MN 56479 or by call Julia @ 218-640-0193.

    A week after the Fargo race, Julia received confirmation that she too qualifi ed for next year’s Boston Marathon so she is planning to join her husband Steve in that endeavor.

    “Steve and I plan to be completing in the same Boston Marathon next year (2010), and at the same time raising money for the Staples Historical Society and their Staples Depot project.

    “With our “Rails to Red Wing” Fundraiser well underway for 2009, it will be fun to continue the depot fund raisers well into 2010.”

  7. Hello! I am trying to reach someone who has adotped from Uganda. My husband and I are going there on Saturday, January 9, 2010 to speak at a faith conference. We are very interested in adopting from Uganda, and are hoping to hear about other’s experiences. If you would be willing to share, we would be so grateful.

    Thank you,

  8. Hi there,
    My name is Lisa, I am a journalist based in NYC. My colleagues are currently in Minnesota working on a story about international adoption. They are spending time with Christian families who have adopted children from around the world. I came across your name in a CBN article and would love to see if we can meet you while we are in MN? We are here this weekend (Feb 10,11, 12) and we would love to hear your story!!!
    Would you be able to call me back to discuss? I would love to tell you more about my project/story and hear more about your journey as an adoptive parent.
    I can be reached anytime one email and appreciate any help you can offer.
    All my best,

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