certainly not what I expected…

May 20, 2010 at 8:51 pm | Posted in adoption issues, adoption resources | Leave a comment

The CBN interview that we got to be a part of a few weeks ago aired today.

The reporter and her crew did such a fantastic job on the story and Tague and I are very excited about the message that was sent through her dedicated work.


After the video piece was over, Pat Robertson added his own (almost four-minute) commentary.    At no time was he an advocate for the orphan nor did he give a rally cry to the church to step up to the plate to care for orphans or vulnerable children in any way.   We are profoundly disappointed in the way he used his influence and are grieved over  his counsel to potentially adoptive families.     Thankfully, his co-host Terry, spoke patiently and graciously to correct and exhort through the troubled commentary.

Praise God that His purposes will stand.   He will set the lonely in families.   He will continue to call AND equip families to embrace children that they did not conceive.  Praise God that He prepares some families to love and raise kids who struggle to adapt to their history.   Praise God that He knows every detail on the planet and one negative review doesn’t slow Him down as He works on the behalf of His children!

Watch it for yourself……What do you think?

CBN interview

The Christian Alliance for Orphans (who hosted the conference) made a very well thought out  response.    They clearly reflect our hearts and do it in a winsome way.


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