Mother’s Day at the beach!

May 13, 2010 at 4:41 pm | Posted in family | Leave a comment

Last week P, Z, R and I got to hang out at the South Carolina coast with my parents and my oldest Megan.   Ahhhhhhhhhh…..  what a treat to be able to stick our toes in the sand, smell the salt air and listen to the birds calling above.   It was the perfect way to spend mother’s day!

And more than ever – I got to see (again) how very different my two sons really are.

  • Philip was afraid of the big pool.   Zach was afraid of the surf.
  • Philip was afraid of the dogs on the beach.  Zach was afraid of the bugs floating in the water.
  • Philip didn’t want to talk to anyone he didn’t know.   Zach (the politician) had to talk to everyone he met.
  • Philip didn’t want to get dirty so he wouldn’t actually sit on the sand, but instead, he squatted.   Zach  smashed the wet sand between his fat hands and smeared it all over himself.
  • Philip didn’t really want to get wet.   Zach jumped off the side of the pool with wild abandon.

So…. it took a while to figure out how to help each of them have a good time.    They were the perfect Oscar and Felix….. or maybe Jack Sprat and his chubby wife .

Luckily, there was a baby pool nearby, about as deep as their bath tub and that suited them both just fine.

Sand man

cautious and clean

boogie board delight

baby pool

shocked at the baby pool


me and dad

Z and Mama H

Last Mother’s Day ‎I was still catching my breath and was still staggered by all the reality of our adoption.  This mothers day (well, I’m still catching my breath!) ~ I’m in a groove.   This thing is our normal now and we are settled in.    It’s still exhausting but it feels so right.  Eternally grateful.

Hope your Mother’s Day was fantastic!


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