what could’ve been

April 11, 2010 at 10:35 pm | Posted in adoption process, God's obvious goodness | Leave a comment

Tonight our family listened to our daughter, Kelsey, and her missions team tell us of their recent journey to Kenya.   They did their skits and told their stories and we got to see pictures from their safari.

Then came the video of their actual missions work with the children in the Nairobi slums.    aahhhhhh….. those faces!    The faces of  East Africa just jumped off that dvd and into my heart… once again.

She was in Kenya, the next-door-neighbor to Uganda, only 300+ miles from the very place where her brothers were born.

The beautiful faces from the slums of Nairobi pierced me in a weird ‘what-could’ve-been’ kind of way.   Philip and Zach were born into slums also.

If things had been different, their lives might have looked something akin to the lives of the children that Kelsey played with in the Mathare Valley last week.    Had God not called us, haunted us, pushed us, wooed us and drawn us to adoption years ago……what would’ve been?

But God sets the lonely in families.    He picks parents on one continent and children on another and, in a way that only He can do, He knits them together across time zones and governments.   He overcomes finances and hesitations and equips us with just enough faith and just enough confidence to take just the next step.   And so, the journey continues until He has brought together souls that were always meant to be family.

P & Z will never be without us and we will never be without them.

We have all been rescued from ‘what-could’ve-been’.


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