are they twins?

February 17, 2010 at 2:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


We get that question surprisingly often.   When Haley and Kelsey were little, I don’t remember people asking me that.   They were pretty close in age (only 25 months apart).    They were both blond and fair and had similar smiles.   But – I really don’t remember being asked if they were twins.

I live with Philip and Zachary and see them every day, so maybe I just don’t see what everyone else sees.   But when i look at my boys, they look so very, very different from one another.   Yes, they are pretty close in age (21 months apart).   But Philip is a whole head taller than Zach.    He moves like an older child, while Zach bobbles and toddles.    Their facial structure is different.    Their hair lines are different.   Philip’s eyes are very round and poetic.    Zach’s eyes are twinkly and can be crescent-shaped when he smiles.    Their body types are different.    The only thing that makes them look a little alike is that they’re both black.




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  1. Twins? Not to my eyes. What do people see? Hard to know, I guess…I remember my girlfriend’s twins some 32 years ago. They didn’t look anything like “twins”. We could all tell them apart. But simply because they were obviously the same size, you sort of assumed they were twins. They still look related, but not as twins…I just see your little guys as so incredibly cute! I want to eat them!!!

  2. They dont look alike to me! People always say that me and my sister are twins, even though we are adopted from two different families and from two different ethnic groups! She is smaller and darker. We look nothing like each other. One guy in Uganda asked us if we were twins – and if we were sure! I assured him that we werent – he still didnt believe us, thinking that we look exactly the same! I told him me and my sister are as alike as you and that (random) man over there! He thought that was pretty funny and understood what I trying to tell him!

  3. Funny… I get the same question with my boys. Though they are closer in age and exactly the same size, their features are totally different. I don’t know if it comes from having lived in Uganda and being familiar with different tribes of people but it is obvious these boys are from two different tribes.

    Thank you for your prayers for us as we returned home. It was very difficult and all on the US side of things. I actually just heard from someone that we might have been one of the last visas out. I have been told the embassy is not issuing any more visas on guardianship orders – final adoptions only. We are thankful for God’s provision for him and us.

    Hope all is well with each of you!

  4. HAHAHAHA this actually made me laugh. It’s like when people say that I look like dad. I just smile and say thank you. I have a picture of me and Zach on my desk at work. Someone came in the other day and asked who he was. I said ” that’s my brother”. She looked at me and said “well, one of you is adopted.” hahahaha.

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