Reflections on almost a year (Part 2)

November 12, 2009 at 6:13 pm | Posted in adoption process, Uganda | 2 Comments

A year ago today our boys received their passports at immigration!   You can read about it here.   (And this is still one of my favorite pictures ever!)

What a day it was! The legal details were tedious and boring but what was so remarkable to me was the reaction of the people around us, in the city and in the passport office.

President Obama was newly elected in our country and there were parties in the streets of Kampala because one of the ‘sons of Africa’ had become president of the United States!  It seemed that everywhere I went with P & Z people would curiously ask me about them, often freely giving me their opinion about my purpose there.

Men laughed heartily in the passport office, speculating that one of the small tots on my lap might someday become ‘the next Obama’!   They seemed joyous to be part of the process even.   A woman stopped me in the mall to say that she’d noticed that I loved these boys and she wondered about that.  A university student asked to join me at my seat in a cafe to find out what I was doing with those two babies. When I explained that I was adopting them and we’d be leaving for the states soon, he said, “Now they will have the opportunity to become who they are capable of being.” A minister stopped me in a parking lot and directly thanked me for caring for the children of Uganda and offering them a future.

When I went to Africa, I wondered how I’d be received. Would people see me as a benefactor or as a thief?   In the end, I had nothing to be afraid of.   The Ugandan people were delightful and gracious.    The consistent thing that we heard time and again was an encouragement to raise our sons with the knowledge that they are Ugandan-Americans and to faithfully honor that heritage.

I read an article this morning that reported that 65 children were released to foreigners for adoption in ’08.    P & Z were among them.    And they left with affection and blessing from the dear mamas at the baby home and also from strangers on the street.      What a treasure and a gift my sons are…. my Ugandan born sons.



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  1. I wanted to ask God to bless you abundantly!

  2. I love it!!!!! Wonderful post, friend!!! Thanks for sharing this!

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