Reflections on almost a year (part 1)

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A year ago I was in Jinja, making regular day trips to the city of Kampala to plow through mounds of international paperwork.    Each excursion day, we’d rise very early to catch our taxi ride by 530 in the morning (so we’d miss the morning rush hour).   Philip and Zachary would be all dressed up and looking ‘smart’, in spite of their sleepy eyes.   Equipped with their cups of hot milk and their hard-boiled eggs we’d pile in the back seat of Abdullah’s car and bump down the road for a another day of legal adventures.

I remember those days being sweaty and long.   I remember those days being filled with the tension of the ‘what if’ it doesn’t work out with all the applications?   I also remember my two small, weary sons staring up at me with tired, vacant expressions not knowing what this strange new lady was doing and why they were along for the ride.     But they cooperated.   They trusted me.   They let me drag them all over town and then back to the orphanage each night.     I wonder what was going on in their little minds?

Philip was old enough to know that I was his mommy and soon I would take him to America.   Each day he’d ask if we were going to America.   Each day I’d say, “Soon…” and we’d get dressed up and eat eggs in the taxi and bump down the road to another official’s office.

I prayed that God would sovereignly erase any harmful memories and preserve and strengthen the good memories of their early days in Uganda.   I prayed that He would knit their hearts to us and our hearts to them.    I prayed for favor in our legal applications.

Like I’ve said before, God put this story together.   He put the details and the specific kids and the favor all in place before I ever got on a plane to head across the globe.  Once I got there, the plans simply began to unfold in front of me.   One answer laid the path for the next step and another answer put down additional bricks in the path for the next step, all the way back to the Minneapolis airport!

In the past year God has continued to work on our behalf —  This time it’s not in spectacular stories of parties and fund-raisers and miracles, but in the regular, mundane, day-to-day of raising babies.

God promises to be with us all the time in every situation.    And, by default, that means He’s mostly with me in the mundane.   And His work is unmistakable.    Philip and Zachary no longer stare vacantly and helplessly, wondering what’s happening to them.    Their eyes are eager with hope and trust each day.   They wake up happy (and loud!) each morning and chorus, ‘Good Moooooorning!’ when we walk in the nursery to get them.

Their hearts ARE knit to ours and ours to theirs.   And (even tho I forgot to ask God about it) their hearts are deeply knit to each other as well.

God has granted the rest of our kids a long-term, happy patience with their toddler siblings and have given all of them a beautiful delight and compassion in dealing with these high maintenance family members.

In every story, there’s a star.    There’s always the big actor that gets top billing.   In this story, it could be two cute little boys  or it could be an amazing orphanage staff or it could be an American family who flew across the world to do something unexpected.   But the star of this story isn’t any of these people.   The star of this story was, and continues to be, God — who orchestrated it all.  From the longing He birthed in our hearts a few years ago to the affection He created in two little boys who were once strangers – God has written the script, cast the actors, directed the story and He alone fills up all the credits at the end.

As we approach the one-year-mark around here, we are looking back with awe and looking forward with expectant hope!



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  1. Lisa,

    It has been a beautiful thing to watch as the Lord worked to bring everything into place for the adoption of your precious little boys.


  2. Cannot believe it has been a year already!
    So great to see what God has done!
    They are looking great!

    Be blessed!


    p.s it was about a year ago that our visa was denied! We have been in the UK a week!

  3. A year?? Yet, to you maybe it seems longer, Lisa. Perhaps you can understand best God’s view of time: “a day is like a thousand years…”…. Your God-ward heart of gratitude and praise are an encouragement to my faith-walk, friend!!

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