an internal make-over

September 16, 2009 at 9:20 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

As I make my way through “The Connected Child”  (TCC) I’m finding great advice and encouragement on each page.   I’ve been doing this mothering thing for a couple decades now and I’m pretty set in my ways but, these days, any additional input is welcomed!

My two small boys come to the process with a totally different set of design instructions and different operational parameters from their older siblings.    I’m finding that all these differences require that their parenting must also be different.   Boy, do i have a lot to learn.     And it’s not just new tricks of the trade.   It’s about redesigning MY internal specs to retrofit the old mom to the new equipment.   It’s about breaking ME of old habits and old expectations.    It’s about becoming more of an advocate and comfort.  Unexpectedly, it’s also becoming about confession and repentance.


Here are a few shots from some recent outings.    We’re trying to enjoy the last bits of Minnesota summer before the fall really begins.


at the park


climbing through!


brothers on the swing


serious otter-watching at the zoo

Philip leaning on yellow rocker

at home with cookies

before going back to college

before going back to college



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  1. Hi Tague and Lisa,

    I’m an old Amani volunteer (spent about a year there)- have followed your blog since I got home from Uganda…I knew Phillip and Zach and have met Tague (in Uganda) and emailed briefly with you, I believe. My friend Arielle and I loved your boys dearly, especially Phillip, since we knew him for a longer time at Amani.
    We live in Minneapolis- for so long now Arielle and I have talked about possibly stopping in for a short visit to see the boys. Just to say hi, eat a treat, and give them high-fives (we wouldn’t want to scare them with big giant hugs acting like we knew them right away 🙂 )
    We just returned from a short 2 week visit to Jinja and the mamas were SO curious and sweet asking questions about your guys. We told them we had seen some pictures and that they looked so happy, big and loved. They were all smiles hearing just the tiny details we had learned on the blog.

    We’d be willing to meet you anywhere, anytime. We think about the Amani kids (still there and at home) every day and it would bless us greatly to visit your cute boys. If you think that could be a possibility in your busy schedule, please email or call me.

    Love the updates on your boys! Thanks for keeping up with your blog- it’s been a joy to watch them grow into little boys and not babies!
    Take Care,
    Rachel Fix (& Arielle Rynerson)

  2. You are a beautiful mother and dedicated to do everything each one
    of your children needs to grow up healthy. I admire you very much.

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