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Today is our last meeting with our social worker to begin the finalization of our adoption.     If you’re thinking, ‘I thought they already did that’, you’re right.   Back in February, even.   But somehow we’ve managed to drag our feet in the legal process and NOW we have to repeat the social worker step since our interview from before has ‘expired’.  (as has my medical exam, so i get to do that again too).

Next we need to file a petition with the court.   Then the court and the adoption agency talk and then we go before a judge.   Simple, right?

Probably.  But the do-it-yourself-lawyer bit seems really daunting so I’ve been in avoidance mode.   I don’t know what kind of immigrant status my boys have.   I don’t know how to answer the judge’s questions.  I don’t know how to fill out the paperwork.     Heck – I don’t even know where to GET the paperwork!   Today, however, we’re going to pull our heads out of the sand and just do it.

AND school starts in a week.   Summer-mode will end and the schedule will begin.   The high school sports events, the tests, the home-schooling, the airplane course my husband starts, and part of me is just ‘bracing for impact’.

Just in time for all of this, there’s a phrase from a song  [Great Is Thy Faithfulness]  that God has stuck in me for a week now.   Sometimes getting a song stuck in your head is just plain annoying.   But this one keeps returning in moments when I’m fretting or lonely or overwhelmed and, thankfully, it seems more stuck in my heart than in my head —  and that’s not so bad.

“Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow….”

That’s all.   Just a few short words that keep encouraging me that whatever is before me today, I’ll have strength for.   And that whatever comes tomorrow, I can have hope about.   Not because I’m particularly talented or patient or winsome or organized (and certainly not punctual with paperwork!),  but because God is faithful.     And His faithfulness is amazing, wondrous, lovely, timely and thorough.   It’s not just good – it’s great.

Beautiful Philip

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