International Adoption Clinics

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first 4th of July

first 4th of July



Father's Day

Father's Day (minus one)

A couple weeks ago the boys went in for their follow-up physicals at the International Adoption Clinic in Minneapolis.   Having an international  clinic on your team is a great advantage.

  • They recognize illnesses that children from third world countries face.
  • They have better treatment resources that a ‘regular’ pediatrician office would.
  • They evaluate all forms of development to determine if a child is progressing normally in their new environment – behaviorally, emotionally, physically, relationally and psychologically.
  • They are looking for different things because the experience of an internationally adopted children is different from the experience of a child born into a blood-related, American family.

We went to the U of M clinic here on the recommendation of another family and were thrilled to discover than the doctor assigned to our boys has taught medicine in Kampala for many years and is well versed, not only in tropical diseases, but also in the specific conditions of the very city where our boys were born.     ALSO, she is an adoptive mother of two children from Uganda.  We immediately felt at ease with her and have thoroughly enjoyed our visits.  (Philip and Zach enjoyed their visits much less since theirs included needles!)  But, what a gift she has been.    If you’re considering international adoption, look for a clinic in your area!

[The good news about our boys is that they are both reasonably healthy!]


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  1. Wow, I have found your blog and enjoyed reading it. Our family is waiting for the call to travel to Uganda to bring home our 5 yr old son. I was wondering if you could let me know the name of the Dr. at the clinic in the Cities. We live in South Central MN and would use that clinic up there.
    Stacie Forsberg

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