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June 3, 2009 at 7:47 am | Posted in devotional | 3 Comments
The Loveliness of Christ

The Loveliness of Christ

Recently I’ve been reading “The Loveliness of Christ” by Samuel Rutherford.   (Thanks to Caryn Turner ).   It is a very small book with bite sized quotes from the letters and writings of Rutherford, who lived in the 1600’s, and it has been the perfect reading companion for me lately since:

  1. it’s pocket sized and fits in my diaper bag
  2. it’s short ~ about 100 pages
  3. there are no chapters – only quotes, which makes me feel like I can read just a tiny bit and steep in it rather than trying to gobble whole chapters.
  4. It’s filled with beautiful and poetic nuggets of truth from Scripture.

I realize those are not all ‘high-brow’ reasons for liking a book, but it’s just where I am these days.   Anyway, I was struck by this quote :

“Poor folks must either borrow or beg the rich, and the only thing that commendeth a sinner to Christ is extreme necessity and want. Christ’s love is ready to make and provide a ransom and money for a poor body who hath lost his purse. ‘… ye that have no money, come and buy’ (Is. 55:1). That is the poor man’s market. “

Lately all I’m hearing about in real estate news is that it’s a buyer’s market.   It’s the time to buy.   There are deals out there that haven’t existed in years.

But the true market is the one that the soul shops in.   And if you’re ‘broke’ …  the best deals are in the market where the stuff is free.    It’s amazing that the owner of any shop would say, ‘You who have no money, come buy and eat!”    But that’s God’s market.

The transition we’ve all been through in the past six months has put a spot light on the parts of my soul that, shall we say,  are still un-conformed to the image of Christ.   I’ve discovered that I am less patient and more selfish than my life ‘before adoption’ made visible.   I was (am?) over-committed to calling the shots in my life and to having a decent amount of solo time now and again.   I am even more committed to order over chaos.   (which is not a good fit with two toddler boys on the loose)   I can pitch an internal fit that beats what Zachary can do any day. [see post below] But – there’s really good news!   Now is the best time of all to buy and the price is FREE!

It’s never easy to get a glimpse of the unwelcome stuff that still lurks in your soul  but if you would like a peek, I recommend adoption to you.    It will reveal the internal reality and has a unique ability to disrupt any thriving idolatry!   Thankfully,  Rutherford was right ~  It is a poor man’s market!

I’m celebrating that we have had our two youngest sons for half of a year and I’m celebrating that I get to come to the market of God with an empty purse and buy and eat drink til my soul is content ~ and reshaped.



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  1. This hit home with me as I too am struggling with my imperfections. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. The Lord does indeed use our children in our sanctification!

  3. Lisa:
    Thanks for sharing that nugget of wisdom. You are learning and growing!
    You have a heart full of love to offer and a keen desire to reflect
    God’s best to your family…you are precious to the Lord and to me.

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