Half a year!

May 28, 2009 at 8:04 pm | Posted in family | 6 Comments
the boys

the boys





I’ve been away from the blog for a while and since I’ve been gone we’ve passed a milestone. We have had Philip and Zachary with us for half a year! Half of a whole year!    They are different boys from when they arrived last November.   Not only have they put on weight, they are relaxed, they are bonded with the family and they are thriving!  [Just for the sake of seeing the difference with your own eyes, I’ve added the shot below taken November 10th, 2008.]    While they were cared for fabulously at Amani, there’s nothing that can compare to having a ‘forever family’.    Our doctor says that their growth spurt and weight gain are due to ‘love calories’!


six months ago

six months ago



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  1. The love calories look really good on them!


  2. PRAISE GOD!!!!! I love it! There is a noticeable difference, Lisa!!!!!! I’m stirred!

  3. A beautiful reminder of the power of love.
    I’ve been watching the transformation from afar and I adore these boys and your family and we’ve never even met.

  4. yeah…the transfermation is AMAZING!! gotta love watching every moment..

  5. That is awesome!! So sad to see how they looked before. I have been reading about kids in orphanages and how they get adopted and hide food. Obviously most of these kids are older and remember that, but its so heartbreaking. I’m so glad they are doing well! You are an awesome mommy!

  6. What a testimony of God’s love!

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