Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10, 2009 at 10:44 am | Posted in adoption issues, Prayer | 5 Comments

This is the first year that I will celebrate being the mother to seven wonderful kids!   I’m still shocked at that reality.   I never thought I’d be ‘one of those people’ with a giant family!   We’ve also computed that by the time Zachary goes to college, I will have been mothering children at home for 41 years.   Yikes!    I guess that would make ‘mothering’ my life-time career choice and I am blessed beyond words.

Did you know ~ Mother’s Day is not just an American holiday but is celebrated in many other countries across the globe, including Uganda.      Today, I am very aware that there are two women out there who birthed two little boys back in 2006 and 2007.   There is no way for them to know what happened to the sons they last saw so long ago.   Since maternal death is a primary reason for children becoming orphans in the first place it is very likely that they are no longer living.    But, even though we will never know their stories –  today I am deeply grateful for the two African women who birthed my two youngest children.    And I’m grateful to God for the miraculous ways that He forms families.     He can break down all barriers and cross the globe to bring together people who otherwise would NEVER have been connected.   And to His great glory, He sets the lonely in families.  (Ps. 68.6)

Would you pray for the millions of children in Uganda today who do not have their mothers with them?     Pray that God provide guardians for these precious children, either within their own birth families, within their communities, through a local orphanage or through adoption.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!



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  1. […] two special lives today: those of the mothers of her two adopted children from Uganda. The blogger writes: Did you know ~ Mother’s Day is not just an American holiday but is celebrated in many other […]

  2. My husband’s uncle and aunt are missionaries in Uganda. They often post videos of their ministry there and its uplifting to see all the work they are doing to help the people of Uganda.

    I think a lot about the moms that have to give up their children. I think before I adopted, I looked at them as villains. I mean, I thought about them giving up their children and how could they do such a thing? But over the past year, I have really seen God change my heart in this area. It must be the most heart wrenching thing to lose your child or have to give it up. Sometimes these mothers do not have a choice. Sometimes they do. And even if they make the choice to surrender their child to the mercy of the adoption agency or orphanage, they are most likely doing it because they realize the life they could give their kids would not be ideal. I wonder how it will all turn out with our own adoption in the works. We must not look at these women as evil, but as hurting souls (if they are still alive) in a hurting world. And it is wonderful that God in his mercy and grace, brings adoptive families about. I love hearing about all the other cultures and how they celebrate these “holidays” too. God bless your day!

  3. I should clarify, I haven’t adopted yet…I just noticed that I wrote “before I adopted”. I am in the process of adopting, but not quite there yet! We are still in the homestudy…waiting for my husband to finish that questionnaire. I’ve had mine done for awhile now! Anyway, thought I should clarify that! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Wow, you have been 7 times blessed! What a beautiful gift from God.

  5. […] Last Mother’s Day ‎I was still catching my breath and was still staggered by all the reality of our adoption.  This mothers day (well, I’m still catching my breath!) but I’m in a groove.   This thing is our normal now and we are settled in.    It’s still exhausting but it feels so right.  Eternally grateful. […]

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