Things prepared beforehand

May 8, 2009 at 11:34 pm | Posted in adoption process, devotional | 2 Comments

Today someone asked me – “What made you decide to adopt?”

I really couldn’t  come up with anything to say except, “God just started working on us and then we just couldn’t shake it!”     Which is the absolute truth.

But later on, I started thinking about that.   Just when did God start working on us?

Was it the sermons on racial harmony that we’ve heard in church over the past 11 years?   Those necessary lessons helped break down barriers of racial arrogance.

Was it the friendships that helped us truly believe that children are gifts from God?   Those values were contagious and made us open to more ‘gifts’.

Was it the missions trip to Zambia that awoke and broke my heart and left the indelible mark of Africa there?

Was it the many years of being part of the global awakening for God’s glory that we’ve witnessed through Passion Conferences?   Those years brought us to a place where we were hungry to “wed worship and justice, going to the least of these and meeting their needs in Jesus’ name”.

It was all those things (and many more) that, at the time, didn’t look anything like international adoption at all.    Rather, they were the building blocks that God used to inch us towards the good works, which He had prepared beforehand, for us to walk in. (Ephesians 2:10)

There was never a lightening bolt of instruction from Him.   It was, rather, a spiritual evolution that came over time as God rearranged the landscape of our souls.

And I imagine that’s how it is with you too.   I wonder what sermon topic keeps coming up from your pastor?  I wonder what books have just happened across your path or what retreat you’ve been on?   Maybe there are words from a sage that have penetrated your heart or particular griefs or joys that are re-landscaping your soul.

Whatever those things are, you are in the right place, at the right time for God’s purposes to be accomplished.  God is making you ready for the good works He has prepared for you, that you might walk in them some day.     Amazing stuff.

And when God hand-designs something just for you, there’s joy in it.    All those years ago when I was taking notes in church or serving lunches at Passion…… who would’ve thought it would bring me here!?    I guess God would’ve thought it.







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  1. Wanted to say hello from Dave and Tina. Dave knows Tague and told him about our Ethiopia adoption in progress. Love reading your beautiful postings and seeing your beautiful boys! Hope to meet someday soon!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love them. Wow, I couldn’t have stated this “feeling” any better myself. I too can’t explain exactly why we want to adopt, but I just been in process about it all. We don’t have grown children so we haven’t “been there, done that”. Our oldest is 10. Our youngest is almost 3. Most people we know that are adopting either can’t have children, are older and want kids because they feel lonely, or they just don’t want to get fat (honestly, I know one person who told me she didn’t want to have kids so they are adopting). Anyway, my reasons aren’t even about me. I love kids. I honestly do. But that isn’t why I feel like I should adopt. Like you said, it can’t always be explained. We’ve been attending Bethlehem now for about 9 months and we are just starting to meet more adoptive parents with the same mindset. It’s awesome! But yes, sometimes we will always look quite weird to the outside world but God is smiling ever so brightly that He can use us and bring about His purposes (not mine).

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