Babies have complete emotional freedom

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I don’t even remember what upset him now, but the intensity of his tears surprised us all so one of us ran for the camera. I know…. I know…. not the most sympathetic move.   But you have to admit, it’s a great shot!

I hardly know what would have to happen in my life to make me react like this.  It would be pretty severe, that’s for sure!

But babies have the freedom to express their feelings to the fullest and they never have to worry about what others think or whether or not the time or place is appropriate for such outbursts. Singing to the top of your lungs in Target is completely fine. Wailing when you don’t get a cookie in the library is also completely fine.    Sometimes I envy that.

a very sad Zach

a very sad Zach


Worthy of a reponse

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Like their name suggests, “Adoptive Families” is an magazine that provides information, resources and support for families who have adopted a child.

They recently sent this notice informing families of an upcoming Time Warner movie called “Orphan”.    It is a horror / thriller and plays off of every negative stereotype of adoption out there, particularly that older children who are available for adoption are somehow damaged goods.

Would you take the time to read the the letter from Adoptive Families magazine and respond?   (warning – the link includes the trailer for this movie, but some might find it disturbing.)    Thanks for being an advocate for orphans, who are some of the most vulnerable children on the planet.

click for trailer

click for trailer

Half a year!

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the boys

the boys





I’ve been away from the blog for a while and since I’ve been gone we’ve passed a milestone. We have had Philip and Zachary with us for half a year! Half of a whole year!    They are different boys from when they arrived last November.   Not only have they put on weight, they are relaxed, they are bonded with the family and they are thriving!  [Just for the sake of seeing the difference with your own eyes, I’ve added the shot below taken November 10th, 2008.]    While they were cared for fabulously at Amani, there’s nothing that can compare to having a ‘forever family’.    Our doctor says that their growth spurt and weight gain are due to ‘love calories’!


six months ago

six months ago

Happy Mother’s Day!

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This is the first year that I will celebrate being the mother to seven wonderful kids!   I’m still shocked at that reality.   I never thought I’d be ‘one of those people’ with a giant family!   We’ve also computed that by the time Zachary goes to college, I will have been mothering children at home for 41 years.   Yikes!    I guess that would make ‘mothering’ my life-time career choice and I am blessed beyond words.

Did you know ~ Mother’s Day is not just an American holiday but is celebrated in many other countries across the globe, including Uganda.      Today, I am very aware that there are two women out there who birthed two little boys back in 2006 and 2007.   There is no way for them to know what happened to the sons they last saw so long ago.   Since maternal death is a primary reason for children becoming orphans in the first place it is very likely that they are no longer living.    But, even though we will never know their stories –  today I am deeply grateful for the two African women who birthed my two youngest children.    And I’m grateful to God for the miraculous ways that He forms families.     He can break down all barriers and cross the globe to bring together people who otherwise would NEVER have been connected.   And to His great glory, He sets the lonely in families.  (Ps. 68.6)

Would you pray for the millions of children in Uganda today who do not have their mothers with them?     Pray that God provide guardians for these precious children, either within their own birth families, within their communities, through a local orphanage or through adoption.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Things prepared beforehand

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Today someone asked me – “What made you decide to adopt?”

I really couldn’t  come up with anything to say except, “God just started working on us and then we just couldn’t shake it!”     Which is the absolute truth.

But later on, I started thinking about that.   Just when did God start working on us?

Was it the sermons on racial harmony that we’ve heard in church over the past 11 years?   Those necessary lessons helped break down barriers of racial arrogance.

Was it the friendships that helped us truly believe that children are gifts from God?   Those values were contagious and made us open to more ‘gifts’.

Was it the missions trip to Zambia that awoke and broke my heart and left the indelible mark of Africa there?

Was it the many years of being part of the global awakening for God’s glory that we’ve witnessed through Passion Conferences?   Those years brought us to a place where we were hungry to “wed worship and justice, going to the least of these and meeting their needs in Jesus’ name”.

It was all those things (and many more) that, at the time, didn’t look anything like international adoption at all.    Rather, they were the building blocks that God used to inch us towards the good works, which He had prepared beforehand, for us to walk in. (Ephesians 2:10)

There was never a lightening bolt of instruction from Him.   It was, rather, a spiritual evolution that came over time as God rearranged the landscape of our souls.

And I imagine that’s how it is with you too.   I wonder what sermon topic keeps coming up from your pastor?  I wonder what books have just happened across your path or what retreat you’ve been on?   Maybe there are words from a sage that have penetrated your heart or particular griefs or joys that are re-landscaping your soul.

Whatever those things are, you are in the right place, at the right time for God’s purposes to be accomplished.  God is making you ready for the good works He has prepared for you, that you might walk in them some day.     Amazing stuff.

And when God hand-designs something just for you, there’s joy in it.    All those years ago when I was taking notes in church or serving lunches at Passion…… who would’ve thought it would bring me here!?    I guess God would’ve thought it.





Philip makes a joyful noise

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This rendition of “Hosanna” is from the Hide Em In Your Heart CD  I mentioned a while back.   If you listen closely, you can hear “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna to the son of David, Hosanna!”

While we enjoy it – he probably won’t be trying out for American Idol any time soon.    (Still, it’s pretty cute, huh?)

A parenting discovery

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We’ve made a fantastic discovery for keeping a little child quiet for a long time….

Tootsie Pops!

The other night our boys had their very first official fine arts event when we all went to Kelsey’s school play “Little Women”  (and she was GREAT!)   The whole play took about two hours.   Since Philip is an observant kid, so he sat peacefully on Haley’s lap  for the entire production, watching the action on stage and commenting now and then.

Zachary, on the other hand, can not possibly sit still for 3 whole minutes.   So…. what to do?    We decided to keep him amused with a Tootsie Pop and, low and behold!, he was occupied and very, very happy for a very long time!   He was covered in chocolate drool by the time he got to the stick (and, sadly, so were Tague’s pants) but it worked.    I highly recommend it for church, movies, airplanes, libraries or anywhere you want your tot to be quiet!

I wish we had a picture of the experience, but this one will have to do.   It was a happy night!



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