Home Schooling makes a come back!

April 15, 2009 at 11:51 am | Posted in family | 2 Comments

A long time ago, I was a home school mom with a gaggle of home schooled kids.   I remember those days with great fondness as we lived every day with our children and enjoyed the rare privilege of having a position of great influence in their forming character.     We taught at home for a total of 11 years, and loved all the benefits of it (even in the times of burn-out, the benefits were clear).

In 2005 I went into the work force and home schooling came to a halt.   Ruth was only in first grade and during her entire early childhood she had seen her siblings having school around the kitchen island.   So when we packed her off to a traditional school wearing her cute little uniform, she understandably felt somewhat cheated.    Since then Ruth has continued to ask about when she could be home schooled.   Work made it impossible for me for a few years.   Then baby boys made it impossible for me in this past year.   But – God has brought me back home and since Ruth has faithfully lobbied for this almost 4 years, NOW is the time for us to enter the home schooling derby again, folks!

Ruth is thrilled.  And what better time to start this adventure than at the end of the year, with only 30 days left to go and with spring springing all around us?    It just begs for us to do math on the deck or have our literature time down by the pond!

The real joy for me is that Ruth really wants to be home.   She’s expressed a longing to be with her brothers more, especially since she’s the sibling that they will live with the longest.   She wants to ‘circle the wagons’ in her life and enjoy time with her family.   Gotta love that in a kid’s heart.

We eagerly start (all over again!) at nap time today!

(here’s a little home school humor to enjoy!)



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  1. Happy Day! I am happy for you all. AND I LOVE the video!

  2. Just as Ruth begged for years to be homeschooled, Hayleigh did the same thing. We started homeschooling her in fouth grade and have never regretted it. She has never asked to be placed back in a school setting whatsoever. She absolutely LOVES being homeschooled. It lhas been ideal for her. It really does help when the child truly desires to be homeschooled and has experienced the other alternative. I don’t care if it is public or private – it is all the same, and we have done both.

    I wish you the very best!

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