Welcoming yet another family member

April 6, 2009 at 4:24 pm | Posted in family | Leave a comment

Today is a milestone as we welcome another one into our family.   Don’t get too nervous…. I’m talking about “Cottontail” the Holland Lop rabbit.



Back in October, Ruthie’s guinea pig, Patches passed on.   So for months she’s been asking….. no, make that begging…… for a new pet.   I’ve consistently said, “No!”   Mostly because I have just recently gotten two new additions and the last thing I need is another creature in my life that poops!

But, as time has passed and we’ve all gotten deeper into the realities of what it really  means to have adopted two children into an already flowing (chaotic?) family, we’ve found that it’s sometimes harder than we counted on.     I’ll save those details for another post, but suffice it to say, we’ve had to give up things and we’ve had to realign and redirect and redefine.    That’s just part of the reality and the normal flow of making a giant life transition like adoption.     On top of all her particular changes, Ruth has continued to grieve Patches and has had a broken-heart.     So, together we decided that, while a new pet doesn’t replace Patches and doesn’t turn back the clock to reclaim the life we’d all grown accustomed to before the boys came, a bunny can be a source of joy and comfort.

Unbeknown to us, (but very known to God) a family we are acquaintances with at church, was looking for a new home for their rabbit.   With four small children, they didn’t feel like they were able to give their bunny all the affection and attention she needed and worried that she’d be sad if she didn’t get a new home where someone could afford the time to love her more often.    Our good friends, the Watters, played Match-makers and today we met this sweet little creature and immediately knew she was the one.

Ruth has been lobbying hard for a rabbit for a while  ~ but not just any rabbit.   There are pictures of Holland Lop rabbits all over her room and occasionally I’d find a well placed wikipedia report on lops on my kitchen desk or under my pillow.     All along, God was preparing the perfect situation with the perfect animal to bless Ruth’s heart.    He not only granted her heart’s desire for a new pet, but worked out the specific details – down to the breed! – to give her the greatest joy.

She said, “God knew that Cottontail’s heart was broken and that mine was broken too and He put us together to help each other mend.”   Indeed He did.   That’s just the sort of God He is.

new best friends

new best friends


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