The quarter in review

March 3, 2009 at 11:53 am | Posted in adoption process | 3 Comments
Sit-n-spin for 2

Sit-n-spin for 2

It seems like the last three month have been somewhat of a blur and with the combination of ‘bonding efforts’ and the winter freeze, we’ve been ‘underground’ for a long time.    Maybe it’s the hope of spring or maybe we’re feeling more settled as a family, but I think it’s just about time for us to emerge from our confinement and get in the game out there!

There are struggles integrating children into an already flowing family.    But, as we review recent history, we’re amazed.  Here’s a short list of change we’ve seen:

  • The boys awoke numerous times each night, sometimes in fright, but always in a state of uncertainty.   Now they sleep like peaceful pros almost every night.
  • For the longest time, they both had blank expressions on their faces most of the day – just trying to absorb all that was happening and trying to get a grip on their  new lives.   Now, they laugh and seem relaxed all the time.  They are genuinely happy.
  • Philip was originally terrified of our dog.   Now they’re great friends.
  • Originally, Philip called us Uncle and Auntie.    Now we’re Daddy and Mommy.
  • At first, they were confused by our schedule and boundaries.   Now they love ‘room time’ (cheering when we put them in there, even!) and they eagerly await ‘yogurt time’ which comes right after that.   They are also reasonably obedient.
  • For months, Philip’s only response to any question was ‘yes’.   Now he voices an opinion and uses his words more easily.    He is a great kid and is coming out of his shell.
  • There were lots of tears at first and the boys didn’t seem to know where to be comforted.   Now, while there are still lots of tears, they run to us for comfort with an immediate and natural ease.
  • Philip no longer has a complete melt-down at the word ‘no’ and Zachary successfully uses some baby sign language to communicate when he wants something rather than screaming for it.
  • And their older siblings have folded them into the family with a deep, genuine, self-giving love that hasn’t faded as the novelty has worn off.   Rather it continues to increase and flourish.    What a gift it is to see that.    The big kids have really ‘brought their A-game’ to this love affair.   Wow.

And there are probably many more things we can point to that show signs of adjustment and attachment.    It’s been hard work.   It continues to be hard work.   But, along the way, we also have some great things to measure progress by and we’re grateful.

Watch for continued updates about the actual, legal adoption process!  Coming soon…..



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  1. This is a treasured update and an answer to prayers. Praise be to God, who rescued those boys for His own purpose.

  2. Having Malachi home made me really appreciate your blog entry. I can definitely relate to the blank stares, the dog terror, and the title “auntie.” It’s encouraging to see that the adjustments can be made fairly quickly. One thing you didn’t mention– does the running nose ever stop? Blessings to all of you!

  3. Lisa, I love reading these updates and seeing pictures of the boys! I have pictures and videos to be organized and sent to you this week. And great to hear about Zach’s parasites being gone… finally!

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