One more step complete

February 25, 2009 at 4:33 pm | Posted in adoption process | 1 Comment

A couple of days ago we loaded up the boys and headed to a McDonald’s on the north side of town.   There we met our social worker for our very last visit!  We talked about the transition we’ve all made and the boys’ health and behavior.   We rejoiced to tell her that our parasite reports all came back clean this time!  (woo hoo!!)     She asked questions about their diet and their moods and their sleeping habits and their siblings.    In the end, everything looks good.   Our three month residency requirement is almost complete and the final social worker report represents the ‘next to last’ step in our process.

Adoption takes months (sometimes years) and for us, the end is almost in sight!    Once we have this report, we can go before a judge to present all our paperwork and have this familial reality turned into a legal reality!

Then our boys will officially be ‘our boys’ and can become American citizen as well.   Quite a day to look forward to.

Below is a little snapshot video of daily life we thought you’d enjoy – listen closely for some sweet snoring!


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  1. OH how I laughed and joyed to hear his snoring!!!!! and so fun to hear a voice!!!!

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