House Arrest

February 12, 2009 at 10:45 am | Posted in adoption issues, family | 2 Comments

Sometimes the image above is representative of how I feel – minus the pretty little black pumps.   (I don’t know why anyone enduring home confinement would wear heels!   Some days I don’t even see the point in getting out of my jammies!)

Philip and Zachary are doing great.      Every day brings more and more assimilation for them.   Little things like Philip expanding his tolerance for new menu items and Zachary’s skin clearing up mark big changes from where we were only a few short months ago.

But, to be honest, I’d forgotten how quiet and how lonely it can be at home all day long.    One of our cars lives at the airport a lot of the time and the other one lives at the high school.  The result is that I’m here all day without any departure plans.   I keep trying to refrain from using words like stranded, but that shoe does seem to fit.

I find myself spending way too much time on Facebook, trying to create the illusion of a social life that really doesn’t exist.    Or browsing on Craig’s List for things I’ll never buy, just to feel like I’m ‘out there’.    On days like these, I need to remind myself of some truths:

  1. This is what blessing looks like.
  2. God chose this path for Philip and for Zach AND for me.   Since God is for me, this is for my good.
  3. These long days at home are foundational in equipping them with the emotional security they will need to draw from for the rest of their lives.
  4. Even though it isn’t enough for me to be at home all day with only babies for company, God is enough.
  5. This is only temporary.

Below are some shots of last week when the three of us broke our leash and went to the sunny south for some much needed R&R.   Things like this help keep me balanced (translated: ‘sane’).

at the zoo with Grandparents

at the zoo with Grandparents



Surprised by macaroni

Surprised by macaroni

enjoying the warmth of the South!

enjoying the warmth of the South!



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  1. I was wondering who you were on my facebook page. I only recognize blog names I guess..LOL. Thanks for adding me!

  2. I just was reading the Bethlehem Star and saw your news of the adoption! I didn’t know you went to Bethlehem Baptist! Maybe I did know that and forgot, but your name clicked and then I saw you and realized who you were. I go there too!

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