Kitchen “Help”

February 4, 2009 at 2:32 pm | Posted in family, humor | 1 Comment

This picture demonstrates what is commonly referred to as “being underfoot.” This is a very common occurrence in the Harding household these days and both Zachery (pictured) and Philip are expert practitioners of “being underfoot.” Now under normal circumstances, this is cute and fun to have them that close, but in the kitchen with all of its quick moving, high traffic combined with hazards hidden to our small boys (hot things, sharp things, etc.) this could be a “recipe” for disaster (sorry about the pun, it just fit). So we indulge the boys some by letting them be close as they want, sometimes we distract them with a toy, and sometimes their older siblings are employed to spend some time with them away from the kitchen.

The most notable drawback of the situation in the photo is that Dad’s breakfast is being delayed! But I was willing to overlook it because Zach is so stinking cute.

helping in the kitchen is hard work

helping in the kitchen is hard work


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  1. I definitely know all about that “being underfoot”. That’s exactly where Carysse wants to be whenever I’m cooking or washing dishes.

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