a return to the classics

January 27, 2009 at 3:28 pm | Posted in adoption resources | 2 Comments

There are countless benefits to having little children……… again.     One of the unexpected ones is that I get to enjoy ‘little kid music’ all over again.    How many thousands of times did we listen to the Sandy Patti’s “Friendship Company” cassette in our Dodge caravan on the way to the soccer game while the kids were strapped in licking Dairy Queen??

While I do love that collection, the oldie that I’m enjoying most recently is Steve Green’s ‘Hide’em in Your Heart’.     I had forgotten how simple the tunes are and that they are a great way to get scripture into young minds (and older ones too).

Lord knows, I need to hear ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you’ and ‘Keep your tongue from evil’   these days!   Philip and Zachary spend a little bit of time each day listening to this disc during their ‘room time’ while I walk on the treadmill.      I highly recommend it if you want to get back to basics and travel down Memory Lane all at the same time.     This particular version includes the cd and the dvd of the original production.   (Warning for the dvd:  Contains pure 1990’s fashions.  Luckily, your kids are too young to realized that you actually dressed like that back then.)


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