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click image for Christmas pictures

click image for Christmas pictures

Christmas was a lot of fun this year as you can imagine!   Philip and Zach were completely content with their stockings and the tissue wrap inside the bags.   The actual gifts were just a bonus.

Christmas day was completely perfect.   It was great to have all 9 of us enjoying the day together while we ate all our traditional favorites and spent most of the day in our PJs.

Special for us this week has been the slow (but noticeable) transition from Philip calling us ‘Uncle’ and ‘Auntie’ to ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mommies’.   While at Amani, he learned to call volunteers by the generic names of Uncle and Auntie.   We’ve not pushed the change, since we figured it will happen soon enough on its own.   And sure enough, it’s coming along!


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  1. Very special. Glad to hear it. And you will hear it now until always.

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