Christmas Eve night

December 25, 2008 at 12:55 am | Posted in devotional, family | 1 Comment

It’s late tonight…. too late, knowing that the boys will be up in only a few short hours.   But while Tague is flying a quick run to Fargo, I’ve been up getting the last minute Christmas things done.   All the kids are sleeping.   All the food as been prepared for tomorrow’s feast.   All the packages are wrapped and under the tree.   The tree had a ‘malfunction’ earlier in the week, but all the lights are now twinkling again.     And it’s quiet.   It’s the first real quiet I remember having in weeks.

I should be in bed.   I should be resting up for the big day tomorrow.   But I’m enjoying the quiet and stillness.

Even though the radio stations have been playing all our holiday favorites and the stores have been selling Christmas items since Halloween, this is the first ‘Christmas’ I’ve felt and I’m enjoying it.

To think, this year we got 2 new children – what spectacular gifts!   They are profoundly undeserved.   We have no rights to these children by blood.   We have no rational reason to have them.  But God reached across the globe and gave us two little boys, specifically meant for this family and He did it by His great sovereign design.

As I’m overwhelmed physically and emotionally from day to day, I just need to take a few minutes to review again what He’s done to create a family relationship where none existed before.      It is stunning in every category.

We are grateful for these precious, new babies sleeping in their beds just down the hall.   And grateful still more for THE baby that came from across all creation to be part mankind to create relationship where none existed before.

Enjoy the celebration tomorrow.    Reveiw His faithfulness and worship!


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  1. Your family is a living parable of God’s design
    for everyone. New life achieved through relationship. To think how much He loves us and how
    His heart is that of a Father in love with his
    children…Thank you for reminding me.

    I hope that your Christmastime is blessed to overflowing with ALL the love of God your hearts can hold!

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