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December 11, 2008 at 11:02 pm | Posted in adoption process | 2 Comments
high chair time

high chair time

We’ve been home two weeks!    We’re still taking everything very slowly and are mostly hanging out at home, playing with blocks and singing “Old McDonald” a lot.   Zach has been on several different meds for several different ailments but he seems to be improving.   None of his illnesses have affected his personality and he continues to amuse us regularly with his funny faces and his billy-goat laugh!   (Good thing he’s cute because the constant diarrhea isn’t very endearing.)

Philip is opening up and is more verbal.    Playing with daddy and getting tickled and having books read to him create easy times for him to talk.    But talking comes harder when he really needs something; he has a pretty tough time just straight up asking for it even though he’s verbally capable of it.   We’re encouraging him to ‘use his words’ and he’s making an effort.     Right now it’s all about bonding and our part is to continue to build lots of trust.    (by the way, this takes more patience than we collectively have…… tough sledding sometimes)

Lewis (our dog) has been the cause of much emotional distress around here for Philip also.    So, Lewis has been banished to the mud room for the better part of the fortnight.    Little by little we bring him out for short visits and for continued gentle introductions.     Slowly, the two of them are becoming friends.   We did have a moment of progress today when Philip actually let Lewis lick peanut butter off his fingers….. so there IS great hope!

making friends with Jif

making friends

Zach has no fear and eagerly pokes Lewis in the eye or pulls his long whiskers at every opportunity – which Lewis, to his great credit, patiently endures.

Tague and I are, frankly, tired and we’ve been taking turns being sick since we got home.    We could use your prayers on those fronts.

We’re amazed at how much the boys have learned in such a short time.    How they know their way around the house – how they get the drill of bedtime – how they willingly sit in car seats, all bundled up in their winter gear – how they respond to each other and to us.    Their learning curve is incredibly high right now and they are impressively assimilating to being Hardings.   (I wonder if our learning curve is as impressive?)

Saw this quote the other day and have to keep preaching it to myself:

“measure progress by the extended video, not the snapshot.”

That’s the plan right now…… the long term view.



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  1. I’m not surprised that Phillip is scared of your dog- he probably doesn’t know why but was taught to fear dogs by the other toddlers at Amani. When I was there in July they would all run and scream when the Amani dogs would be laying in the yard. I’m happy to see they’re adjusting!

  2. many a person has said how scary pugs are. 🙂 oh to see their sweet faces and remember conversations about Africa in Chicago just a little over a year ago-it just makes me smile & cry & praise God. So amazing, so true. love you guys. k & m

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