Last evening in Jinja

November 21, 2008 at 11:16 am | Posted in adoption process, Uganda | 2 Comments
quad bikers

quad bikers

Tague and Joseph arrived in Uganda safely and we had a happy reunion yesterday morning.    We’ve finished ALL of our paperwork and now await the arrival of our visas, perhaps on Monday.    We hope so, since our flight leaves Tuesday evening!

After checking into the hotel, we headed over to the baby cottage across the street for the men to hang out with the boys for a little while.   Both boys know me by now and claim me on sight.   But, I had brought ‘strangers’ with me this time.   Zach would have none of it and clung to me the whole afternoon.   Which was fine.   We sat together on a log and Joseph sat next to us, just talking with him and slowly warming him up.    I do think Phillip remembered Tague from his recent visit and the two of them enjoyed a rousing game of soccer.   It was actually more like croquet with Tague holding Phillip and using his little feet like a mallet on the ball below.    Philip enjoyed that quite a lot.    Tague also made the cozy coupe car ‘take flight’ and had Phillip sailing around the yard as if in a miniature helicopter.   That brought actual rolling giggles from him.    Perhaps one of my favorite sounds on the continent!

He is unsure about Joseph, but I remember the stony, glazed look I got from him for the first few days also; so we expect it to pass.

The first few weeks at home will be completely unfamiliar.   Every person is new.   Every room is new.   The climate is new.   The cuisine is new.   The smells are new.   What if Thanksgiving dinner was one of your first meals ever in your new home?    Sounds great to us, but if you’re used to rice and beans, sweet potatoes and cranberry are not so appealing.    (We’ll be sure to have some rice and pintos and pineapple on the table too.)   My heart is broken that my boys will soon face this profound reality.   There is no way I can eliminate the strangeness for them or quicken the time it takes to begin to integrate into their new ‘normal’.    It is beyond me, but it is not beyond my God – so I am asking Him to do for them what I cannot.    To be their refuge and their hiding place when everything is upside-down in their world.
I listened to Tague talk to Phillip yesterday, reviewing a list with him that I’ve heard him review hundreds of times with our other children.
He said, ‘Does Daddy love you?  (yes)   Does Mommy love you?  (yes)   Does Joseph love you? (yes)   Who loves Phillip most of all?   (God does!)”    I had forgotten that he used to do that until I heard it again, being offered to this sweet child.    We pray it will become an anchor for him as he grows up.
While the boys napped this afternoon, Tague and Joseph went quad-biking on an ATV ‘safari’.   Mostly it was ripping around the Ugandan country-side, through villages along the Bugagalli Falls area of the Nile River.  Their guide gave them a little bit of training, made them agree to a lot of disclaimers and then headed out into the dusty, hot afternoon.    The fellas wore coveralls, goggles and scarves on their faces, making them look like modern day bandits as they roared away.
I, unfortunately, have met up with bad water in the last 24 hours and am somewhat confined to my room.   I’ll spare you the details.
Things to pray about:
o    That our visas come through without complication.
o    That I feel well enough to travel to Kampala tomorrow.
o    That the transition will go well as we take full custody of the boys for the first time tomorrow!
o    That God will be preparing Phillip and Zach for their future, even now.

We’ll spend a few days in Kampala at a guest house we’ve used before and look forward to the time together as a family.    It is such a fork in the road for all of us.    It’s really beginning!



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  1. Wow. It’s either starting or finishing, both directions it’s huge! Congrats on your babies! I can’t wait to see them in the flesh.


  2. So glad that you are reunited. (A few of you anyway)
    It so fun to hear the details and come along side of you on this journey. We continue to pray and cannot wait to see you all soon. Much love from the Kretsinger’s
    p.s. We too ask our kids the same question…Who loves you MOST of all? JESUS! I remember picking up the book, Most of all Jesus loves you, by Noel Piper and reading through it the first time feeling a little disappointed that there was not more to it. But as I went back to it I realized that this simple truth is the most profound truth that our children need to know and have instilled in their little hearts. 🙂

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