Nearing the end

November 17, 2008 at 4:02 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Yesterday found me racing around the yard, kicking the soccer ball with Philip.    When he tired of that, I pushed him the cozy coupe, making him giggle and squeal with excitement as we bumped over the little knolls the yard.     The great moment of the day?  — When I first arrived in the yard I didn’t see him, so I approached a cluster of children nearby and asked, ‘Where’s Philip?”   They pointed behind me and when I turned, I saw Philip running towards me – arms outstretched and a giant smile on his face!   How good to witness that he was genuinely happy to see me!   We have prayed and prayed repeatedly for God to knit our boys’ hearts to our own, and this was a little evidence that He is, in fact, doing just that.
Zach made his own strides yesterday – literally.    I’ve had the joy of seeing him take some of his first steps!    He toddles and lunges and walks a few steps without fear before crashing to his knees and palms in giggles.

Tomorrow morning I go into Kampala again for what I hope will be my last legal journey.   Our second doctor’s appointment is at 9am and then on to the embassy for visa interviews.   I’m looking forward to it, actually.   This process is enormous, but I think I have conquered the mound this morning and we are prepared to speak with the consular tomorrow.    Then we wait a few days for the visas to be processed and we’re done!    The end is in sight.

There are days when I am discouraged and feel like this will never end.   But a good friend has reminded me that in reality,

“You are accomplishing the last miles of the marathon, and it’s the culmination of a million small details… The combo of pleasure and pain in your experience are your very own. You are the only one with this particular adventure, in this particular place, at this particular time. This is your brief astounding treasure.”

How very, very true.  God has chosen this journey and these children for us.    We have no doubt that this has been His plan from eternity past.   So we step into it with joy and eagerness, if also sometimes with a little fatigue too.

Tague and Joseph arrive in Kampala Wednesday to a very happy welcoming committee (me!).    We’ll wait a few days to receive the visas before returning to the states on the 26th.   Just in time for Thanksgiving.   I’m sure you can guess a couple things that we’re thankful for this year!

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  1. Oh, Lisa. It is so exiting to see you guys so close to the finish line! Although we’re not standing side by side, I still feel like I’m at the finish line of an actual marathon, cheering with a bunch of strangers with one common view – to see the Lord bring your boys home with you!

  2. God is running this race all the way with you. You are closer each day and now you have Tague and Joseph with you to head home together next week. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He is able.
    Love and praeyrs, Carol

  3. Lisa, how good it is to be able to read about your journey with the boys. It gives me such joy to hear how Phillip has come to know and love you. It sounds like he has really changed a lot since this summer. I loved reading your story about his first real bath. I got to give Zach his first bath (after he pooped on Siouxanne’s floor)… I remember him just kind of sitting there trying to figure out what to do and Andrea and I had to show him that you could splash and play in the tub. Thank you for sharing these stories… it soothes my heart to know that the boys are with you. And thank you for having let me love and care for them while you were unable to be with them.
    All my love,

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