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Today’s trip into Kampala was very fruitful!   The passport process was smooth and we left as the proud new owners of two Ugandan passports (even though Zach is holding my US passport in the picture).    Next was our 1st  appointment at the doctor’s office.   The boys were weighed and measured and received some immunizations.    AND we went to a great coffee shop!   aaahhhh…. it was really time for mommy to get a cafe mocha!!

Hopefully, we will only have to make one more trip into the city (2nd medical and visa interview) and we’ll be on our way.    The trip takes over 2 hours each way, so I thought it surely must be over 100 miles.   Found out today that it’s only 50 miles or so.   It just takes so long because of traffic.      Thankfully the sugar cane fields and the tea fields are just gorgeous and make for some pretty nice scenery.

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  1. I am reading this with tears in my eyes. Love, Sam

  2. Hi there! It’s Michelle from the fundraising yahoo group. My husbands aunt and uncle are missionaries in Uganda (I think that is where Kampala is right?)

    I added you to my blogroll. Thanks for sharing your is inspiring.

  3. So exciting!!

  4. Hey, I love that picture! So glad it’s going smoothly. Know that our family prays for Amani, the children and families every day. We’re with you in spirit. Thanks for the update!

  5. […] A year ago today our boys received their passports at immigration!   You can read about it here.   (And this is still one of my favorite pictures […]

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