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The internet is down at Amani…. we had storms the other night and big power fluctuations.   Something important to our connect (a big box with a red light??) got really hot, started smoking and smelling like burning plastic.   So I don’t know when I’ll get to post again.   Today I’m in an internet cafe in Kampala.   We’ve applied for the passports this morning and will go back shortly to be told when to pick them up.

It’s hot here.   Like summer days in Minnesota.   When we got in the car at 6am this morning, it was delightful.   Maybe 68*.   But the driver thought it was cold and turned on the heat as we drove 2 hours to the city!!    Whew!!  Now it’s midday and truly hot.   If he turns the heat on on the way home, I’ll have to protest!!

Praise God that He continues to clear a path for His purposes to be accomplished!!   If the hotel across the street has internet, I’ll try to post a couple of pictures later on.   The post below is from 2 days ago.


Yesterday was a full day of being with the boys.   Since it’s the weekend, I didn’t have any ‘official’ work to accomplish, so I played with Philip and Zach most of the afternoon.    Philip understands that I’m his special person…. That I’m here to be with him and not to care for the other children.
Yesterday that meant that we kicked the soccer ball a little while, we read books, we watched part of a Veggie Tales, ate animal crackers from America and looked at family pictures on mommy’s computer.    Philip was eager to see the pictures.   I showed him an album of images from our time here this past June.   Of course, he was in many of the pictures.   He was VERY talkative and excited to tell me each person in the picture.    He’s certainly paying attention, even if he isn’t usually saying much.     Philip tends to live in the background.   He watches.    But being with him alone seemed to give him the room he needed to step up into our afternoon as a full participant.
After it was time for Philip to join the other children in some outdoor playtime, I went to find Zach.     He was pretty smelly, so our first stop was the bathtub!   He loved the water and splashed with all his might, soaking both of us.    He laughed and smacked at the water and was fascinated to watch it go down the drain at the end.    He liked the animal crackers too, grunting and demanding more.    His highlight was seeing himself in the mirror.   He was delighted with his own image and it makes me wonder if he’s ever seen himself before?     Zach returned to his group just in time for dinner, which made an easy transition.   It wasn’t so hard to leave me when there was a warm bowl of beans and rice in front of him.
When I dropped Philip off earlier, I promised him that I’d see him later and bring him a cookie.    So, after dinner I headed over to the toddler house to deliver on my promise.    There I found about 15 naked toddlers sitting on the floor awaiting bath time.   Philip saw me and immediately stood up, crying and reaching out his little arms.    I scooped him up and tried to comfort him and gave him the promised cookies.   That stopped the crying, but he still clung.   I was going to leave him with the group to finish getting ready for bed, but he really cried when I put him back.   So – from now on, evening bath time will be at mommy’s place.   I brought him over and ran some warm water for him.   We talked about the water and he agreed the temperature was ok.   When I put him in he just stood there…. Not really knowing what to do.   So I told him he could sit down and enjoy the water.   I think it was probably a first also.   Baths here are done quickly and standing up.    I poured the water over his shoulders and he smiled.   So I soaped up a washcloth and began to clean him, telling him each thing I was going to do.  “I’m going to wash your face now.   I’m going to wash your ears now”…. And so on.    We rinsed off and then he played in the water too.  Not the wild splashing that Zach had done early, but a gentle swirling of the water with his fingers.    He smiled and enjoyed being treated gently and individually.   I talked to him through the whole thing and told him what a good boy he is and how handsome he is and how he smelled so nice and how mommy loves him.   Later we looked out my windows at the toddler house.    I showed him where his window was and told him that’s where he will sleep and that I’d see him in the morning.    He seemed ok with that.    So we went back together and I left him there to sleep.   He wasn’t crying when I left.

Tomorrow we head back to Kampala to apply for passports.   It would also be great if we could get a walk-in appointment for their medical exams.    Thanks for keeping up on here and for praying with us!


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