On my way

November 6, 2008 at 7:01 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
KLM A330


I’m writing this at an altitude where only clouds can survive.   Far below me is the Libyan Desert and there are still 1,845 more miles to fly before I land.   The trip has been uneventful.   Just the way air travel is supposed to be.   I’ve had much better fortune with my journey than Tague did with his a few weeks ago.   As a matter of fact – much of the plane is open and so the empty seat next to me has become the perfect ‘loading dock’ for all my carry on supplies.      I’ve completely taken over both 10H & 10J.
Sleep has been elusive, but I’ll catch up when I get there.

Something strange has been happening on this trip, though.    As I’m eating my airline chicken –  all of a sudden I remember what I’m doing here.   It hits me and I fill up with emotion and smile a smile way too big to smile all by yourself in public.   Or later on, in the middle of yet another mindless chick-flick, I glance up at the video map and see the little moving plane there, pointed towards Entebbe and it washes over me again that I’m going to see my boys in just a short time!   This time tears squirt out of my eyes – not cautious, little tears.   But big tears that are accompanied with an audible gasp.    I didn’t anticipate feeling this way.    It’s all been very process-oriented for so long.   Paperwork is a very matter-of-fact business.   But now… it’s different.   When I see them tomorrow, I will be their mother every day after that for the rest of their lives.

I found myself bursting into tears frequently on my last day at home.  (I guess that was just yesterday).   Leaving my family for three weeks is a first for me.   Going somewhere alone like this is a big first for me.    Granted, I go to Target alone.   Or I’ll even go to Duluth alone.   But Uganda?    I have to admit – I’ve been sad and scared.
But today’s emotions have turned a corner.   I’m not looking in my rear-view mirror at Lakeville.   I’m looking straight ahead and the view is emotionally overwhelming!
I have no idea what to expect, but the fear has lifted.    And in its place is a very peaceful, full expectancy.

Thanks for praying for me and for my family on both continents.    I’ll stay with our friends, the Shelton’s tonight and then the Amani Baby Cottage driver comes to pick me up tomorrow for the journey to Jinja.   I’ll keep you posted!



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  1. What an entry! Tearing with you and praying, Jolee

  2. Thinking about you every day friend, and praying for those knitted hearts!

  3. i am so overwhelmed and filled with joy for you all!! What an incredible journey…what an AMAZING God!

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