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Let me tell you about my last trip from Oct. 11th to the 17th.  It was…an adventure.  An adventure in traveling ‘on the cheap’.  In order to make the money God has provided stretch as far as we can make it go, I decided to use some of my airline privileges to get to and from Uganda.  To get the “good deal”, you must still pay the taxes and fees associated with the ticket AND be willing to fly on a standby basis.  To the rookie traveler that means you only get a seat if the flight isn’t overbooked so you wait around as they board the plane and hope they call your name and offer you a seat.  My back up to flying standby was to ride on the jump seat in the cockpit (another privilege I get as a pilot).  This particular trip I needed both of those privileges to make it over AND back!  Of course, while sitting on the jump seat, you have to do something to keep your mind occupied and what follows is the results of the mental exercise that helped me maintain my sanity.

The “Oversold” Blues

By: Tague Harding 10/30/08

There I was, at the beginning of my very lengthy and important journey

It took me to Africa and involved a judge, some orphans and an attorney


I was traveling standby to control costs with a chance at a “business class” seat

At check-in, I found the flight oversold, now my challenge was for a greater feat


Yes before me a daunting and almost insurmountable trial for me to face

Finding out if this Airbus 330 jumbo jet would have just a bit more space


I got the jump-seat, it’s on the flight deck with all it’s gadgets, buzzers and dials

Little did I know on this first leg that it was only the start of my trials


Don’t get me wrong, the pilots were nice, I got to eat, this first leg was not taxing

But I really must say that the cockpit jump-seat is not the least bit relaxing


After eight long hours, my flight had arrived, I deplaned, expecting to be relieved

But being done with the jump seat was an aspiration that I had not achieved


This was surprising, for when I did my flight research, the agent said “wide open”

Now I had to revise my hopes, to just get on the flight was all I was hopin


And to top it all off, on this second long range flight more pain they would be adding

I would ride the second jump-seat, the small one, in the corner, without much padding


The crews were very nice, I did get some food, but this flight also lasted eight hours

It seemed an experiment, designed to test my patience and endurance powers


I did reach my destination and of those goings on you are already versed

But now for my return and the first flight home, it seemed that my travel would be cursed!


The flight was “oversold” again and yet another jumpseat was in store for me

To be more precise, the cockpit seats were full so in the cabin I sat on three!


There was one for take off across from the purser, a second for initial cruise,

The third one was in back, very small and certainly no place for a decent snooze


Then I went back to the second jumpseat, of all I think it was the very best

It had a privacy curtain, two armrests and a nice place for my feet to rest


And for landing it was back to the first, a total of four moves altogether

Again with good crews, some food and a nap, this flight didn’t seem to take forever


For the last flight, Lisa sent me a quick text, warning that it was completely packed

And having come this far by faith, I was wholly undeterred by this little fact


This time a surprise, my very own seat on the aisle in coach class at 30G

I ate and watched some movies and then tried to sleep which was impossible for me


When all the passengers had done those things, we thought the last bit of flight would bore us

But we had a quintet of crying babies that broke into unified chorus


Soon even this flight was done, this part of the adoption journey was also through

But there is still some waiting and more forms to fill out and yes more travel to do


We hope and pray that before Thanksgiving our final return will then be complete

But we still have some great hurdles and large obligations that we have yet to meet


So I am not complaining, and remember that this was mostly written in jest

But you must understand that I am looking forward to some long awaited rest


In the end, through the travel pain and body clock changes my mettle has been tried

I hope that in each and every thing our great adopting Father is glorified





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  1. Hope you didn’t get any pressure sores! You are a multitalented guy! And I’m sure you will put that multitalented-ness to use in the next 3 weeks! Excited for you brother.


  2. A poet and didn’t know it, little brother! Put down the pen and wash the dishes! Lisa is on her way around the world to bring home two babies. Let us cover her with prayer and excitement. To God be the glory. Sam

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