Me and the boys, part 2

October 15, 2008 at 11:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Tague and Phillip

Tague and Phillip


I caught up with the boys just as they were finishing breakfast in their respective rooms (eggs, milk, and porridge).  Zachery was his usual charming self and Phillip was his usual quiet self.  Phillip has no problem with me picking him up or holding him, as a matter of fact, I think he prefers I hold him.  He just takes a while before he will give you any feedback.  Hopefully, with time, patience and the grace of God (mostly) we will begin to see more of who Phillip is.  


After breakfast I played with them both separately and we had a great time.  Phillip has been practicing his soccer skills a bunch…we play a game where my legs are the soccer goal and he slowly but steadily works the ball till he kicks it through my legs.  At that point a yell “GOAL!!!” and a great celebration ensues.  Phillip also likes to have his picture taken just so he can see it (not smiling most of the time, but likes to look anyway).  He now knows what pocket my camera is and has taken some pictures himself.  I have to tell him frequently that the camera needs a rest.


Zachery likes to make bubbles and motor noises with his tongue.  Generally happy go lucky and likes to mug for the camera.  We played with my hat and tossed him in the air to get him to giggle.  I laid down and laid him on my belly (which is probably smaller than his…wait till you see the pictures!).  He was genuinely content there.


I am trying to upload pictures on a precarious internet connection so I am not promising anything till I get home, but I am trying.  I had promised Phillip that I would come see him at dinner time and got there to be told he was crying.  He walked through the door into the big kid dinning room and saw me and just started balling.  His hands rolled up into little fist balls (not anger, it is his self protection mode, I have seen it before and it is heartbreaking).  The good news is that he came right to me and I picked him up and he started calming down quickly (other than that repeated, deep sniffle that shook his whole body).   I stayed with him until dinner was served and sat him down.  He didn’t seem to mind, so I came back to finish here.  Which leads me to prayer requests…


§      Pray for a smooth, peaceful trip to Kampala (2 hour ride, early in the morning).

§      Pray for a quick hearing or grace to deal with the waiting.

§      Pray for favor with the judge, she holds the future of these boys in her hands.

§      Pray for me to have the Spirit controlling my words and actions in court.

§      Pray that Phillip and Zachery wouldn’t be freaked out about riding in a “motor car”.

§      Pray for me and the boys as we say good bye and the 2 caretakers who have to deal with the aftermath of Phillip’s tears.



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  1. Dear Tague,

    I was moved to tears while reading your blog. What an amazing thing God is doing in bringing these precious little boys into your family. I was just thinking about how many little orphan children there are in Africa, but God led you directly to these two boys that God had planned for your family from before the foundation of the earth. You and the boys are in my prayers. May God bless you every step of the way.

    Debbie Adams

  2. Oh, how I pray for you all and these two precious boys. God has given you a heart for children that I praise God for.
    Much love,

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