The staff at Amani

October 8, 2008 at 9:55 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
Phillip giggles

Phillip giggles

There are some amazing people taking care of our boys at Amani these days.   Some of them are from the states or Canada or Australia and work there full time, giving up their lives back home and living an adventure to serve the most vulnerable.  Others are shorter-term volunteers who come from all over the place and stay for weeks or months at a time caring for the babies and having their hearts broken for the glory of God.   Other staff are local Ugandan ‘mamas’ that care for the kids and faithfully love on them day after day.   I love that Amani Baby Cottage is ‘westernized’ and clean and the health conditions are better than many other child care facilities in Uganda.  (the very best in my opinion!)   I love that the kids have a structured environment and are taken proper care of every day.    But the best thing about Amani is that all of the staff – full-time, part-time, foreigners and locals – love these children.      Over the months, many of Phillip’s pictures include one special ‘mama’.   I think her name is Mama Doreen and I am so grateful for her!   Phillip connects with her and her big smile is contagious!    Thank you Amani Staff!!   All of you!!


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  1. My heart is so grateful to Mama Doreen,too. She’s like a grandma and I imagine her heart will be full with joy knowing the future for her little children, yet, sad to see her boys leave her to be in mama Lisa’s arms forever. This grandma is pretty possessive – how does Doreen do it? The Lord must give her tons of grace.

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