A big night coming up…..

October 5, 2008 at 11:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Thank you to all of you who wrote with words of encouragement last week!   It was incredibly helpful to our souls to hear your stories and the verses that have carried you through.   While none of the logistical details that are causing frustration have changed, we are pressing on, confident that God called us to this and He will accomplish it!

We are not in the final stretch quite yet, but we ARE in the stretch before the final stretch!    Tague leaves in just a few more days for Kampala for our court date and there are still many details to handle before that time.

Prayer Request:

A really important meeting is going to happen tomorrow night with the folks from The Lydia Fund.   The Lydia Fund helps deliver youths from institutions by helping married Christian couples to pay for the overseas portions of their adoption expenses.     We will interview with this organization Monday evening and are praying for God’s favor in this process.   The Lydia Fund is fully donor supported, so they can only offer to us what others have given to them.   God controls all the coffers of the world so we have been asking Him to fill up Lydia’s in preparation for this time!   Would you pray with us for funding to be available?

In other big news, I bought diapers today!   Yep…. diapers.    When Tague gets to Kampala, he’s been advised to bring disposable diapers with him since they are easier to travel with and they are too expenses there to buy in-country.   So we headed off to Target to get the necessary supplies.   It’s been a while since I was in a diaper aisle and it was completely overwhelming!    Bags and bags of different sizes, overnight ones, stretchy-leg-hole ones, boy ones, girl ones,  ones for swimming, ones for bigger kids with sleepover anxieties, generic ones, Sesame Street character ones, ones that have artwork that disappears when they are wet, hypo-allergenic ones, and even organic ones!!!    I just want the ones for 20-pounders that won’t let stuff squirt out the sides!

We got the hypo-allergenic baby wipes, the prepackaged cheerios snacks and the squirty hand sanitizer too and headed home.   Mission Accomplished!   (and yes…. they still have that wonderful baby smell right out of the package!)


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