the impact of a song

September 21, 2008 at 4:02 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Tonight as we sang in church, a particular line grabbed my heart and squeezed it tight.    The phrase in the song was:

“From life’s first cry, to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny….”

In a few weeks there will be two new children in our home and in our lives.    We weren’t there for their ‘first cry’.  We weren’t there for first teeth or first steps.   We’ve not been there for thousands of tears or giggles either.    That pretty much stinks.

The second part of the song’s phrase talks about ‘final breaths’.   Today Kelsey left the house to run a quick errand.   Ten minutes after leaving, she called home audibly shaken and alarmed.   “Mom!   I’ve been in a car accident!!”    Thankfully, she is completely fine  – better than the car – and we are enjoying the sweet mercy of Kelsey’s safety tonight.     But it’s sparklingly clear to me tonight that instead of just dealing with a little crunched metal, we could be in an intensive care unit, painfully aware of ‘final breaths’.    That’s reality.   There are no guarantees that things will go easily or painlessly – Not at the beginning, not in the middle, not at the end.

What IS certain is that Jesus commands my destiny.   He has spoken worlds into being.  He controls the hearts of kings.   He sets the timing of the sunrise.   He controls all things – including the lives of two little boys and the moment of their first cries deep in the slums of Kampala.    He also controls the collision of two Fords in Lakeville.

I have a long way to go to get my spiritual life all worked out.   But God continues to write these things ‘in pen’ in my soul.

  • He is good.
  • He is for us and not against us.
  • And King Jesus is commander.

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  1. SO excited to hear about the adoption process!!! And also relieved to hear that Kelsey is alright after her accident. I too love “In Christ Alone,” and have helped lead it many times at church…sometimes playing my penny whistle as well! What a neat piece.

    We’re praying for you guys!!!
    Love ya,
    Melody & Erik

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