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We got the email from Africa this morning:  (see post below)
Our court date is scheduled for October. 16th!   That’s three weeks from today that Tague will, Lord willing, be standing in front of the high court in Kampala, Uganda receiving an oral ruling on custody!
We’ve been watching other adoptions from Amani Baby Cottage over the months and have seen some people bring their children home in as little as three weeks after the court date.   Others have waited about 6 weeks.   Either way – the ball is rolling!!
As you can imagine, about a thousand details need to fall into place!    From little things like:
  • finishing up the nursery
  • getting other necessary baby items
  • taking an agency required class on bonding

to big things like:

  • still needing the funding to satisfy the rest of this process.
  • creating a working (flexible) itinerary to carry Tague through this first leg of the journey.
  • coordinating his transportation and lodging for when he’s in Kampala
  • gathering all the legal paperwork on this side
  • interviewing with ‘the Lydia Fund’, an organization that assists Christian families in the international adoption process
  • trying to remember how to ‘do the toddler thing’!
We are excited and a little terrified too.   But God’s favor has been visible and faithful throughout this journey so far.    We’re counting on Him to finish what He started in a way that only He could.
Would you pray for us?
Pray for the staff at Amani as they care for our boys
Pray for Phillip and Zach to have their hearts continually knit to us
Pray for the legal hurdles we must overcome
Pray for the timing to be sweet and perfect
Pray for our judge and for all the people that will be ‘gate keepers’ of papers and passports and visas,etc.
Pray that the resources needed will become available
Pray for our faith to be unwavering
Pray for God’s glory to blaze in this process
with a trembling eagerness –


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  1. Written at 2:00 in the morning? For real? My tired friend, thanks for the specifics on this part of the journey. I have no doubt you can administrate this, but it will be God who blesses and brings it to be. I pledge to you to read this list between now and October 16th in prayer daily. I love you so.


  2. Congratulations! We will certainly be praying for the needs you have concerning the adoption of these precious little boys. By the way, we may be in Africa at the same time that Tague will be in Africa. Unfortunately, we will be in a different part of Africa.

  3. I will be praying specifically for your requests. Can’t wait to meet my nephews!

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