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September 6, 2008 at 1:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

It turned cool in Minnesota this weekend! Just like that! One day it was hot – the next day, it was chilly. I sat at Joseph’s soccer game last night wearing a heavy coat, snapping pictures with stiff cold fingers. I know we’ll have a few more days that are warm again before the REAL cold gets here, but this weekend has felt like a test-drive of fall anyway. I had hoped to have Phillip and Zach here by now. If for nothing else, just to spare them the harsh weather transition! These two have never seen snow or mittens or felt that sting of cold in your face when you walk outside. But – looks like that’s how it’s going to be.

The VERY GOOD news is that Tague was able to speak with our Ugandan lawyer, Sam, yesterday and he tells us that our papers have been completed and will be turned over to the court system on Tuesday. They will then assign a court date to us. So, it could be anytime that one of us heads out for that appointment in Kampala! We know others who were given as little as one week to get their tickets and pack their bags before appearing before a judge! Even if it’s not that speedy, the reality is that the court system is truly the next step and it may be soon!

Pray that the paperwork that the judge has, is in fact, ‘complete’. We have discovered that ‘complete’ is the kind of word we Americans sometimes define differently than other people. Other adoptive parents have had to go running all over the country to produce documents that weren’t originally asked for. (Side note: It looks like that there’s very little standardization in Uganda. Each office seemingly works independently from others and there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of coordination between divisions in this process. The type “A” in me longs for a single, reliable checklist!)

The bottom line is that God holds all things in His hands. These offices and the paperwork and the climate changes and the timing — all things are His. So we trust.

It’s a beautiful Saturday….. we may just put together the crib that Tague got out of the attic the other day!



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  1. Yeah I am so excited to read this latest news.
    When Ken & I went to put up our crib which was in storage we couldnt find the screws to it that we had put in that special place.We finally found them.I cant wait to hear how everything will work out for you. It brings back so many crazy memories for me. Justin got the chicken pox right when we were going to bring Gabriel home so that had to be delayed 1 week which worked out because there was paperwork that took longer. Every detail is in Gods hands.
    Press On!

  2. Congrats – I too am waiting for a court date – hope you get yours soon!

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