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Mom and Haley

Mom and Haley

What a mix it is to have adult children and, at the same time, be in the process of adopting two really little kids!    There’s an unbelievable amount of joy and enthusiasm in each end of the spectrum and for all those in between.   I never feel like I’m missing out on any season, that’s for sure!    But, truthfully, in the last few weeks I haven’t been sure which way the merry-go-round was spinning.    Should I focus on buying a pack-n-play or dorm accessories?      

Haley is now in Chicago at Moody Bible Institute and is completely enjoying the next steps that God has planned for her.   It’s all new.   Classes, the geography of the campus, which groups to join, which key opens which door, etc.   There are lots of firsts.     Lots of firsts for those of us on this side of it too.   First Sunday without Haley in the pew with us.   First time I make her bed but realize she won’t sleep in it until the next national holiday!  First time I realized I only need to set 5 plates for dinner.  First time I ‘leave the front door unlocked for Haley’ late at night, but then remember she lives in Illinois!    It was also the first time I watched my beautiful daughter step into adulthood.   She is ready…. so ready.   And she will do great.      I can’t wait to watch her story unfold and, as hard as it is to wait for these boys to get here, I thank God that He gifted us with these days to focus on her.  

Hopefully we can post something about a Ugandan court date soon!  Keep praying for the path to be made smooth in front of us as we wade through the upcoming legal requirements!   We marvel at how God put Haley’s lifelong details together for her joy in this last week.   He is God.   He never changes and He is faithful.   So we’re looking forward to seeing details come together in this adoption as well.    Our time in Chicago was a faith-expander as I was reminded of the truth that He really does know what He’s doing.   It is amazing to get to see it up close like that — we’re watching for an encore of His goodness as we watch this saga continue.


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  1. Hi there! You have been on my mind so much lately. Our prayers for you continue.

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