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these pictures just in from amani! It’s so great to see both of them smiling!
Still no word on the process, but images like these are sustaining.


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It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything. Mostly because nothing is really happening right now. Everyone told us to expect a big rush of activity and paperwork up front in adoption. Then expect to wait. We are in the waiting phase right now.
The birth certificates are slow in getting created. The judges all went on a month long break anyway. So we wait.

We left Uganda over a month ago and some days it seems a little fuzzy….. I have to look back at the pictures to remember the real sights and sounds and smells of Africa. I love watching the videos especially. Remembering voices. Seeing Phillip laugh as he played with a toy cell phone and watching Zach climb on us as we’d try to hold him!

Tonight several of us loaded into the master bedroom and watched old family movies. Somehow we found one that none of us remembered watching before! What a treasure! We watched birthday parties and Christmases and Thanksgivings from year’s gone by. Baby bath time and first cupcakes and soap bubbles in the park. Those babies are grown ups now – living independently, going to college, driving cars and working first summer jobs. We laughed and laughed at funny moments and personality quirks we’d all forgotten. And we wondered about the lives of two babies a globe away.

Who told them they were precious? What celebrations were there? If the camera had been there, what would it have captured on that first week after he was born? On the first day he successfully sat up?

Watching the babyhood of the current Harding children tonight helped ready me for the babyhood of the future Harding children. Seeing it all and hearing it all is a reminder that babyhood is a delightful time. Early childhood is filled with great ‘firsts’ and with great steady traditions little people can relax into once they feel them as their own. Traditions like bath time with toys and storybooks on the couch and your own special blanket to sleep with are a comfort. There will be days at the park and hot dogs on the grill and wagon rides and ‘push me!’ on the swing in the days ahead. Some memories will be made that are a repeat of history and other ones will come that are totally new and unique to these two boys.

What we did 10, 15, and 20 years ago as new parents isn’t a formula and we are not trying to do it the same this time around. But watching these home movies tonight reminded me that, even though it’s been a long time since I’ve parented a really little person, I do remember how — and it’s good.

(wish I could figure out how to do this right, but for now — cut and paste this address for a peek at a video from amani!)

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