The “More”…

June 19, 2008 at 5:35 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

As many of you know or can surmise from our previous posts, there are many details involved In the adoption process:  finding an adoption agency, paperwork, the home study, the letters of reference, the fingerprinting (X 2 for international adoptions), the I-600A, the country specific administrative and legal requirements, the orphanage administrative requirements, the travel requirements, etc. etc.  These would fall into a category that I would call “logistics”.  I like logistics.  I feel at home doing them.  Logistics fits well into the talents and experiences God has given me.  You could say that I am wired to do logistics.  Logistics are necessary and must be done for an adoption to take place.  However, they are not the only thing.  I have found myself longing for what I call the “More”.  

The “More” could be quickly defined as the joy of the Lord and His glory in this process.  For instance, our eyes being opened to the wonders of God’s plan of our adoption into His family as described in Ephesians 1 (the source of our blog title “Plan A”).  Or the “More” could be seeing God connect Amani with another orphans home that is exploring adoption as an option for the many orphans under their care.  Or it could be the joy of seeing others have their hearts broken for cause of orphans and watching God move in varied ways in their lives to carry out the call of James 1:27.  

We know experientially that the joy of the Lord is our true strength, we rest in that, we long for more the fullness of joy described in Psalm 16:11.  We seek His strength to carry us through.  We want to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.  

We also know, that we were formed for God so that we might declare His praise (Is. 43:21).  Our desire is to do the adoption in such a way as everything about it declares His praise.  In the midst of the logistics, we want to be sensitive to the Spirit’s promptings about why we exist and how every piece of what we are doing and hurdles we are facing are all working together for His glory.

Pray for the “More”.  Pray for us that we are strengthened by His joy, and are moved for His glory.


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  1. Hi! I found your blog while googling “Ugandan Adoption” to see who else is out there. We lived in Uganda a couple of years back and worked at Amani, and our two children are former Amani’s. We pray that your journey will glorify God and that your hearts will be strengthened during the wait! Your boys are beautiful! 🙂

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