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June 6, 2008 at 8:23 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Today is our last day in Jinja.   We’ve spent days playing with children and getting to know our two boys.   Yesterday afternoon we spent a little time downtown Jinja helping some new friends move and doing some shopping.   We found a little deli run by Europeans and enjoyed a great lunch, ice cream and all!
Late in the afternoon we took a boat ride to the headwaters of the Nile River.   Amani let us take Phillip and Zechariah so they met us at the boat dock in their finest little duds, all cleaned up and ready to go.   Baby Zach doesn’t care where he is so he had a great time charming everyone along the way.   Phillip is much more cautious.   He sat on Tague’s lap most of the time and kept his little hands balled up tightly.   He never spoke a word, but watched everything around him.    When we got to the headwaters (an amazing place where the water literally bubbles up from deep in the earth to form the gigantic river) we got out on a little island where there was a Hindu family from India, a group of Muslim tourists who were singing/praying, our white American family and two little bitty black boys.   It was ‘diversity central’.
Our boat ride continued down the Nile and we went monkey watching.   The monkeys were bouncing from tree to tree and enjoying the night.    Amazingly smooth water and monkeys leaping around.   What an unbelievable family field trip we were on!   Our guide, Shorty, got us back to the dock and Tague and Joseph took the boys back to the baby home.   Apparently, once on dry land, Phillip got more comfortable because he talked with Tague all the way back.   They talked about motorcars and motorboats and he was smiling.
We don’t know what Phillip’s life was like before Amani, but we suspect it was very hard.   When something new comes along, he is silent and withdrawn.   Unfortunately, the other day one of the Ugandan ‘mamas’ told him that he was going to get on a plane and go away with this new family to America.     He was NOT ready for that information and cried really hard for a long time.   He doesn’t say much, we are sure he understands a lot.   The ‘mama’ knows that a life in America will be a great future for him, but all he knows is that it’s more change in his already stressful little existence.   We tried to just take it easy with him from that point on.   When we’d pick him up he’d really cry and try to get down…so we let him down and just stayed in the same space with him, giving him time to recover and come over if he wanted to.   Haley invited him to play on the tire swing but didn’t make him go.   After a few minutes, he got up on his own and joined her and the other kids on the swing.   We’ll have a lot of helping to do probably.   It took a long time for his little heart to be hurt…… it may take a long time to heal also.   And, like I said, we suspect he has a lot to cry about.



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  1. Ah, you guys. I really can’t imagine the boat trip you went on, but I can imagine you with the boys. I’m enjoying the pictures. Little Phillip is breaking my heart. I hope it doesn’t take long for the process of adopting the little guys to be done, so that they can begin their new normal with the family God has chosen for them.

  2. Wow. Lisa…my heart breaks and leaps with joy and hope at the same time for those sweet little boys. Words fail me, but I’m praying for your family, including Zach and Phillip.

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