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We arrived in Jinja a few days ago and checked into the Hotel Triangle on lake Victoria. It is decent but we all had some adjusting to do after staying at the Serena in Kampala! The gecko in the girl’s bedroom caused a lot of commotion on the first night, but now we’re (somewhat) used to the ‘lake flies’ (gnats) and misquito nets and red mud everywhere.

We’ve been helping out at Amani by playing with the babies and pushing big kids on the swings. It doesn’t sound like much, but with dozens of kids here, every hand makes a difference.

As I sit here in the volunteer quarters at Amani, Tague is filling out paperwork to ‘foster’ Phillip and Zachary. Tague met Phillip back in February when he was here and then again in April. He’s in some of our pictures on facebook (since I can’t post any here).   Phillip is about 2 1/2.   Zachary is a new arrival here.    He’s about 7 months old.   American doctors will probably have to more clearly identify their ages, but they are clearly more than a year apart, which is our agency’s requirement.

It’s beyond words to be matched with these two little ones. We are both delighted and numb.

We will meet with the social worker tomorrow and then with the lawyer on Friday in Kampala. Pray for those meetings to be favorable and for our process to quickly move forward with the passport and visa offices as well. That could takes months, we are told. We are eager to get these boys home as quickly as possible and help them adjust to their future.

Continue to pray for us and for Phillip and Zachary!



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  1. WOW! How precious they are! Congrats and thrilled to be praying for the new Hardings!

  2. Oh Lisa! God is indeed at work and what precious gifts He is giving. Gods speed.
    Love and prayers, Carol

  3. Oh, Praise God!!! This auntie can’t wait to get her hands on your little boys! Give them big kisses until we can do that ourselves…Love, Jan

  4. What beautiful baby boys! They have no idea how their little lives are about to change. What an incredible thing you are doing. We will be praying that the whole process will move quickly.

    Debbie Adams

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