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The Passion Kampala event is officially over.   But the life changes that happened here this weekend have just begun.

Praise God that He is gathering a remnant for Himself all around the globe!

This has been especially moving for me tonight since the Wototo Children’s choir sang with Chris Tomlin.   (They are young orphans who are growing up in the Wototo Villiage, an amazing, Christ-centered home environment.)    This is the nation and the heritage of our new children.   As a matter of fact, the little one that may be ours at Amani was first brought to Wototo’s  baby home in Kampala before being moved to Amani.  The Ugandan flags we saw waving everywhere tonight are the flags of the nation that God chose to birth our boys into.

Uganda gets the typical African publicity of poverty and AIDS and unrest.   But what I’ve seen here this weekend is a beautiful people and a movement of college students that love Him.   I’ve seen orphan homes that are stepping up to provide a place of redemption for the abandoned kids of this region.   I’ve seen faithful staff at local churches and college ministries who have poured themselves out to see this weekend become available for their students.   I’ve seen high ranking officials in the government, the university, and the churches step forward to proclaim the glory of God in this city.

It’s not all Idi Amin.   It’s not all corruption.   It’s not all ignorance.  It’s not all child-soldiers.

There is beauty and faithfulness and Godly obedience shining all around in Uganda.    I’m grateful to tell my sons they are from such a place.

“For there is no one like our God, there is no one like You, God!

Greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city!”



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  1. It all sounds wonderful! Wish we could see your pics. Its fun to hear how each of your kidlets are doing. And the great words about Uganda and the meaning it has in your life. God is huge! God is Great! Let us all DANCE!

  2. Words spoken so true-so often we hear only “the bad” going on in Africa. But what about the overflow of “good” that is happening there too. The Christians rising up and standing for Christ, The Passion conferences, the Hearts for Africa, the missionaries. Let us be sure to tell of the good to our American friends and let us hope they not only hear, but listen to the wonderful stories about our Motherland!

    You guys are in my prayers,

  3. You are on a MOUNTAIN!! I’m thrilled to get the residual of that feeling in my soul as I read all the wonders of Kampala and Baby Z. I need more news and will wait to here more…..Love, Jan

  4. Awesome stuff! My wife and I work in Uganda for a Christian orphan program called Feed His Lambs. Love the blog and keep up the good work. You can check us out at:

    Mukama Ye Ba Zibwe!


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