Friday’s events

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Since I can’t seem to upload any pictures, I’m sending you to the Passion blog site where there are some great images of the event.

It’s early Saturday morning (630) and Tague’s already gone to the field to begin prep for today. The kids and I will head over in a little while.

Yesterday was – in a word – amazing.

The students began coming through the gates at about 5pm for the 7pm event. They sang and they danced and they really connected with the message. In a country where much of the gospel they are told is the ‘prosperity gospel’, they were hungry to hear the truth of God’s glory and their place in His story. The reality that there are lots of important things in this life, but God’s glory is the MOST important thing lands in a powerful way.

Today Francis Chan will teach and we are excited to see what God will do through him.

There are many missionaries here helping on the volunteer team. How great it is to hear their journey and to be an encouragement to them also.

We met up with the Amani Baby Cottage volunteers yesterday and had a quick chance to get to know them a little bit. There’s a possibility that they have a baby for us! I’m dying to know more, but for know I’m having to wait. All I know is that he’s a baby, he’s ‘gorgeous’ and he has malaria, and his name is Zachariah. I’m loving this Passion event, but my heart leaps to think that in just a couple of days we’ll be on our way to Jinja and some more of God’s great story will unfold.

His purposes are created before time and we are amazed to watch what He is planned come to be.

I need to wake up the gang. Be in prayer again today for God to open hearts and for students to be drawn to Him in a real, life-changing way.

Pray again that the LED wall works. It didn’t make it last night.

We lost power backstage for a couple hours last night…. the green room had tea candles, but hte office and the hospitality tent and production all went down. Found out later, the electricians had only created one source wire for all 4 big tents last night! oops. with no street lights or field lights to rely on, it made for a VERY dark evening. We had volunteers jump in as flashlight guides, and security beefed up to protect the office and production gear in the dark.


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