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Today has been a major set up day. Joseph worked with Tague all day long setting up barricades and other very physical jobs. Tague is one of four event team leaders managing the event on the grounds so he was flying as the pieces came together for security, fencing, and tons of other details. Megan, Haley and Kelsey worked non-stop in student registration getting literally thousands of students registered and wristbanded for the event (which starts tomorrow) There are 20,000 students registered so far and more coming in.

After only a short while Haley and Kelsey noticed that the Ugandans were sometimes struggling to understand their English, so they slipped into a Ugandan accent and improved communications immensely. Megan did a lot of on-the-spot trouble shooting with people who wanted to attend, however are not university students. She couldn’t register them, but helped them be optimistic about coming in late if there is still room on the field tomorrow night or listening outside the gates.

Ruth made friends with every Ugandan on the field and was visibly having a wonderful time. She is eager to connect with people and has lost any shyness she had in the states. Our friends, the Bells, have their 9 year old daughter along with them as well so Lauren and Ruth have become fast friends!

It is amazing to see an event like this come together. This is a unique partnership with the Ugandans for the sake of the nation and the renown of Jesus Christ. The name of Passion means nothing. The name of Jesus means everything. What a gift it is to work together with the body of Christ here, moving in the same direction for the same purpose!

And what a joy it is to work with all of our kids, seeing them plug in a come alive in this environment.

We had a pretty bad (but short) storm yesterday that blew the giant L.E.D. wall over onto the field. It was a huge face-plant of an enormous piece of equipment. Thankfully, no one was hurt, But the wall was sopping wet and covered in mud. As we left the field tonight, the workers will still blow-drying out the circuit breakers and trying to reassemble it. Please pray for the equipment to work well so students on all sides of the field can see.

Pray for a peaceful evening with no security incidents.

Pray for the local sorcerers who will infiltrate the field tomorrow night to have no power in the presence of the Spirit of God.

Pray for the message to take root in the hearts of students in a way that will bring redemption to souls and to a nation.

We’re off to bed! Thanks for everything!


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