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The Surgery

The Surgery

It’s been a full day today.   Like I said in my previous post, we wanted to go to the pool, so that’s where our day started.   The Passion team was busy cranking out all the logistical details for the conference and setting up the venue and working on budgets so today was our ‘free day’ as volunteers.   Little did we know that Kelsey was allergic to the kinds of chemicals they use in pools in Uganda.    The kids had a great time splashing about in a gorgeous pool but when we got out, Kelsey felt a little odd.   By the time we got back to the hotel room, she was woozy and was having a lot of congestion.   It wasn’t long until she sounded like she used to when she had asthma as a little kid.     Then, she really was beginning to struggle with her breathing and said that her ‘throat was closing up’.   (don’t worry, grandparents — she’s ok now!)     This was probably the first real moment that it was clear to me that we weren’t ‘in Kansas anymore’.   This beautiful hotel doesn’t have a doctor on staff and, while their breakfast buffet is astounding, there’s not really reliable emergency services here.   Kelsey could talk and she could breathe, but she was scared and said she felt like I fish looks when it’s in the bottom of of the boat — gills expanding and gulping, but not much life-giving breath.

Our guides knew where to take her so we jumped in the Passion van and headed off to ‘the surgery’ (the clinic) five minutes away.   When we arrived, Kelsey was seen immediately.   Her ability to exhale was good enough that they didn’t give her oxygen, but they did put her on a preventative steroid inhaler and we will have that with us for the rest of our journey.   After about 45 minutes or so,  her breathing was improving and she was feeling calmer so our nice English doctor released her with confidence and we returned to the hotel.  Kelsey will not be returning to the pool!

We are grateful to God for mercy today.   She could’ve had her attack while still in the pool.   Or even pool side (which is many steps away from the lobby and she would’ve had a very hard time getting back.) We are grateful that our guides knew just where to take us and that our physician knew how to diagnose her and had some meds to give her.   We are grateful that friend, Todd  (the Passion security-lead) went with us and provided comfort.   We are grateful for our Nigerian friend, Thompson, who had flown in from Minneapolis to volunteer and who prayed healing and peace over Kelsey.

God is faithful all the time.   Today is was in provision and in healing.

The rest of our day was spent in two different children’s home — Bethany Village and Wototo Children’s Home.   We are amazed at the hearts of the servant leaders that are pouring their lives out for the orphans of this nation.      Hope I can upload some photos…. we’ll see how many bytes this connection can handle!

Pray for the students who are coming from all over East Africa to arrive safely.   Pray for the weather to hold since rain could prove disastrous for both the field and the equipment.   Pray for God to continue this movement in the lives of these university students long after the sounds of the Passion conference has faded.

we love you guys!



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  1. Oh my goodness…sounds like things are already very interesting for you all there! We’ll be praying for Kelsey to stay well. And the rest of you too! And we’ll be praying for all the students and everyone involved in the conference. Wish we could be with you!

    Melody & Erik

  2. Great reports; keep them coming… and how about publishing some pictures???


  3. OK…obviously I commented before reading this post!!!

    Looking forward to the pictures…and praising God for His provision for Kelsey.


  4. We are praying!! I have reported to the grands! I assured them that Kelsey is okay! Tell Kelsey God has told me to pray for each of you by name, instead of collectively and now I know why!
    Love, Sandee

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