Update from Jinja!

April 21, 2008 at 1:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Today Tague arrived at Amani.   He is enjoying time with the kids, pulling them in a wagon and chasing them around the grounds.   When we talked on the phone earlier, he was looking at a blue-headed lizard with a little guy named Atila.    I couldn’t tell which of them was having more fun!!   Tague was laughing and putting different children on the phone to say, “Hi, Auntie Lisa!”      Back here in Lakeville, we sat around the speakerphone listening with tears in our eyes and smiles all around.

One of the required steps in the legal portion of this effort is to have an interview with the social worker.   It is a very important ‘gate’ that happens after a referral has been made.    Earlier today, in spite of NOT having an official referral made, Tague was invited to visit with the social worker and have his interview.   Mr. Opio was in his office and put Tague through a short verbal quiz asking things like,  “Why do you want to adopt?”  and  “Why do you want to adopt from Africa when there are plenty of kids in the US?”
Tague ‘passed’ the test and will not need further meetings to gain the approval of that office.     This is very important because our time is short and there are many visits and agencies to be seen.    ‘Quick’ and ‘smooth’ are not typically the African way.   This was unusual.

In just the last few days, 2 more little ones have arrived at Amani.   There is still much ‘due diligence’ to be done before these children would be free for new homes.    One is about 8 months old, malnourished, has malaria and was recently found in a sugar cane field.     The other one is only 4 weeks old and has been cared for in a home since birth, however the mother has recently left.      Whether these children might be ours, we don’t know.    But pray for them and for the process that will put them with their forever families…. Their futures have already been redeemed by their arrival at Amani.

We are told that good Ugandan referrals will help our paperwork along.   In God’s providence, while Tague has been working with Passion: Kampala, he has become connected with influential pastors and academic leaders.   These men are well known and respected throughout Uganda.   References from them would certainly aid our application.      We think of all the unknown things that are necessary for this process and we marvel that God has gone before us in every detail.    The process is enormous in every category.   But God’s faithfulness and provision for even the smallest details has been incredibly clear.

We are hoping that Tague will have the opportunity to talk with the director of the orphanage today and perhaps move closer to a referral.     (Pray for her as she is only days away from delivering a baby of her own!!)    What a miracle and a gift it would be if he were able to come home with those decisions made!!

Thanks for praying, everyone!     We feel your support.    And our garage reflects your generosity as it swells with items you’ve donated for our sale this weekend!!     You would not believe the stuff out there.   Not back-of-the-closet junk, but really fantastic stuff!   You have brought some of your best for the advancement of God’s purposes and we already have had our socks blessed off by your generosity!!

We’ll keep you posted!



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  1. Hey there friends! I’m thinking about you and praying for you! My excitement is growing for you all, as you anticipate meeting your child/children. We’re hoping to continue rounding up stuff for your sale and hope to drop it off soon!

  2. We continue to pray for you guys! Are you having the sale this coming weekend again? Lisa, any offers on the boat? I am still laughing at your commentary…oh the memories and laughs you guys will have for years! Much love, Jolee
    Jerimiah 33:3
    Call to me and I will answer you and show you GREAT and MIGHTY things which you do not know.

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